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  1. moverman

    Signs your ex want you back!?

    lol that facebook thing actually happened until i deleted her!...yeah i see what your saying..easier said than done though homie!
  2. moverman

    Signs your ex want you back!?

    Yeah i think it might just have to be a moving on thing...didnt think it would be this f*cking hard though..
  3. moverman

    Signs your ex want you back!?

    Broke up with my ex a while ago (she ended it) partly due to my loose ballin (unlocked phones left on the side)..never cheated but i can see why she thought i did..i did love her n the break up for me was tough (she was 1st love n that)locked off contact completely...now i dunno wether shes just playin games with me or actually showing me signs that she wants me back??..always emailing me etc.."hi, how are you havent heard from you ina while" ..."i feel like i dont know you anymore" "heard youve a new gf i hope shes nice"...wtf is up with that?!
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  5. moverman

    Rappers with the best adlibs

    jeezyjonesoj da juiceman
  6. moverman

    Body Fat

    im about 5'11...weigh 12.5st.i do all the football 3 times a wk // upperbody 2 x a week when i go gym but no improvement....only thing i think it could be is my diet..i aint a bad eater and go by strict 3 meals a day...but nothing..i dont seem to move from 12.5st!any suggestions?
  7. moverman

    ViP2 Amateur Football Thread

    .................double post
  8. moverman

    ViP2 Amateur Football Thread

    You're sick.Luton though....Definetly going to this, start pres season on the 5th july should be peaking by then!
  9. moverman

    ViP2 Amateur Football Thread

    Was at woking 1 n a half years ago, got injured (tendonitis), injury wouldnt go away..woking basically released me..i was in my last year scholar with a view to turning pro..that injury killed it completely...rested it thought it was alright..went back to playing (pain killers // anti inflammatorys galore) f*cking thing came back..carried on playing as i didnt want to miss pre season..done a pres season with corinthian causals in the ryman league...knee totally broke down on me..just now im coming back getting my touch n sharpness back!..Got couple offers from couple ryman prem teams just dont wanna go there 65% and embarass myself! also set up a 5-aside ting at goals in beckenham startin dis wednesday! need a gk as it goes if any1's interested!!
  10. moverman

    Do you know her?

    on first view...."i would"
  11. moverman

    Most Influential Ethnic Londoners

    killed itLOOOOL!
  12. moverman

    saying sorry / holding grudges

    48 Laws of Power! read it!
  13. moverman


    Tendonitis?? had this for 1 n half years!! just got rid and back playing!!
  14. moverman

    Football Manager 2009

    danny Grainger >>>> all your favorite leftbacks!225k aswellalso sergey krivets 500kbought these two playeys n maxi lopez for wolves...the league is now easy!