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  1. G.Lox


    Going Oslo this weekend, catching the Kendrick concert Friday but no other plans. Anyone been? Recommendations for bars/clubs and places to eat
  2. G.Lox


    Just finished the 2nd part of that OJ doc. I never knew how big of a superstar he actually was and the way it covers the life and times is proper insightful. Pos for the recommendation
  3. anyone got any new reliable sites?
  4. Yeah bother might not be the right word, to me it wouldn't be relevant at all But to me, it was interesting that nearly all of the responses I read were things like , e.g 'well if I'm the first black/white person they got with I would find that strange or think they're not really attracted to their own' i dunno, maybe it's more of an American ting with all the race issues they've currently got going on
  5. Why not? Maybe 45 mins at least. I feel like just as I get in to the ep, its already done
  6. G.Lox

    Young Thug

    C/S the quality control, ironic the biggest label there now is called exactly that / anyone who listens to Lil Yachty post his best tunes please cos I can't understand how this guy is rated
  7. Saw this discussion on a US site and the responses were interesting so thought I'd see here: So you're getting serious with someone that is of your own race/country. You're feeling them, everything's going smooth and then you come to find out through them that previous to you, they had only dated/slept with people of other races. Meaning, you're the first person of their own origin that they'd really dealt with like that Would this bother you? Make you lock it off? or not care cos you're feeling them already, at least they came back to their 'roots' etc'?
  8. Episodes need to be longer
  9. G.Lox

    Game Of Thrones

    Please don't let Sansa snake Jon....
  10. G.Lox

    Game Of Thrones

    What was the prediction again?
  11. G.Lox

    Game Of Thrones

    Best finale episode
  12. Pain for Messi. 3 finals on the bounce for Argentina, nah they're cursed
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