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  1. Upcoming Movie Trailers/Movie Speculation

    I'm waiting on Prometheus 2.
  2. Upcoming Movie Trailers/Movie Speculation

    What's the Sci Fi for this year saying?
  3. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    Stop what exactly? This all started when Thizz confused people questioning the motive = justification. They are 2 different things.
  4. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    This discussion was about a hypothetical situation not Dvs. I remember Mystikal went jail for something similar when his hairdresser was stealing money from him.
  5. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    I assume we all say yes. At that point who is the arbiter of revenge other than the person wronged? How can you say to someone you can kill that person for what they did but don't rape them or torture them? Surely rape and torture is more or less severe than death depending on where you stand.
  6. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    This ain't banter to me at all, I'm simply discussing an issue to its extreme. Let me ask you so it's clearer, if you go home and a family member has been killed (God forbid) are you not entitled to take revenge on the person who did it?
  7. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    Fam If he wouldn't feel sorry for her if she was raped and tortured after what she'd done does that not mean it's justified in his eyes? Some of you would struggle in court seriously.
  8. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    I haven't advocated anything and you'd struggle to find a line saying that. I just don't believe life is as black and white as Thizz constantly makes out. If you come home and find your nan with a knife in her boat or your sister raped and killed then imo you have the right to take revenge, whilst I personally wouldn't go down the rape route maybe others would use that as a form of revenge. Your last line is quite sad, I couldn't care less about the tag, you seem more interested in it than me tbh
  9. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    To sympathise with somebody is to acknowledge they didn't deserve something that happened to them, the fact you wouldn't feel sorry for the girl shows that you know her acts were heinous enough for that type of retribution to be a reality, either that or you're a psychopath.
  10. Summer 16 - The Transfer Topic

    Shirt sales >< Kit deal Dough is dough
  11. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    The forums been quite decent without your negativity tbh. Why don't you dissappear again.
  12. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/woman-19-jailed-for-orchestrating-snitches-get-stitches-revenge-rape-of-teenager-9858609.html You'd feel sorry for this girl if it happened to her?
  13. Life Of A Peeled G Part???

    Why you using emotive words like age and daughter? Any person regardless of age or gender is capable of anything. Wasn't it a 17 year old girl who honeytrapped that boy and got him killed by that gang?
  14. Summer 16 - The Transfer Topic

    Plus the kit deal from Adidas @ 75m a season will easily cover Ibra + Henrikh + Pogba wages.