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  1. i5_PRODUCER

    live Week 02 - 18/19 Premier League

    Young g is running that arsenal midfield
  2. i5_PRODUCER

    mufc Man Utd 2018/19

    It begins
  3. i5_PRODUCER


    😂 it's true. / Yo how my man bounced , CREASING.
  4. i5_PRODUCER

    live Week 01 - 18/19 Premier League

    Ozil is so poor
  5. i5_PRODUCER

    live Week 01 - 18/19 Premier League

    Fred is ACTIVE
  6. i5_PRODUCER

    live Week 01 - 18/19 Premier League

    That Darmian / Mata flank is so poor
  7. i5_PRODUCER

    live Week 01 - 18/19 Premier League

    Line up on paper is strong hopefully Carrick and Mckennas influence shows this season in terms of style Pereira’s time 🙏🏾
  8. i5_PRODUCER

    mufc Man Utd 2018/19

    Jose is treading on thin ice tbh couple mad results when the season starts and he’ll be off. Was almost a revolt last season. Should fuck off now & get Zizou in.
  9. i5_PRODUCER

    Summer Transfers 2018

    5 years too late.
  10. i5_PRODUCER


    Use the same . Not sure if it’s the cheapest out there but it’s reliable and use it across laptop, phone and tv.
  11. i5_PRODUCER

    mufc Jose Mourinho

  12. i5_PRODUCER

    mufc Harry Maguire

    100% Toby over Maguire but would still take him. Defence still needs a baller. Lindelof had a good WC , also has a year in the prem now so I’m surprised Jose wouldn’t try him alongside Bailly tbh and spend elsewhere.
  13. i5_PRODUCER

    mufc Harry Maguire

    Could be a smokescreen still. Toby might still be a possibility, wouldn’t mind Maguire though. Jose will school him.
  14. i5_PRODUCER

    mufc Jose Mourinho

  15. i5_PRODUCER

    The big 3 of the 90s/2000s...

    dog fight trophies Liverpool / Spurs 😭