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  1. Yeah Di Natale was a boss. Carried Udinese for years. Could have easily left , especially around 2010.
  2. i5_PRODUCER

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    Lingard too dangerous from distance. always scoring bangers
  3. Matic is dreadful Gets caught in the most peak areas of the pitch at least once a game
  4. i5_PRODUCER

    mufc Romelu Lukaku

    When he found himself on the RW and turned over possession to Juve with that AWFUL cross. My days. I do not like this guy , at all.
  5. i5_PRODUCER

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    Front 3 moving wreckless
  6. i5_PRODUCER

    live Week 08 - 18/19 Premier League

    This has to be the case , has to be. CRUMBLING
  7. Ofc had to be Phil fucking Jones we are a fucking shambles
  8. i5_PRODUCER

    live Fifa Best 2018

    😭 Butchered mans name
  9. i5_PRODUCER

    mufc Alexis Sanchez 7

    Heard one mad stat about Ronaldos last season with us and how all the 7s COMBINED since he left , in terms of league goals , are still behind need that verified cbl
  10. i5_PRODUCER

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    ddjsb fam