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  1. Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    was over before the game even started tbh
  2. Group Stage Round 1 + Opening Ceremony

    It’s mad Walker does that knowing VAR exists. Didn’t even have to draw for it
  3. whats your best nas album...

    Was disgusted during the first listen. Times I was thinking is Nas talking or rapping over these beats. But this slaps All the beats bang but that simple things beat at the end tho. Ye the 🐐
  4. Group Stage Round 1 + Opening Ceremony

    Hector doing bits in that midfield
  5. Westworld

    I thought this ep was neccessary. One of the good ones imo.
  6. Pre World Cup Friendlies

    Rashford >
  7. Summer 2018

  8. Summer 2018

    From what im reading and have seen of him his crossing actually beats the first mans shins so hes already got one up on Valencia. Can see him being played at RW at times but will ultimately end up RB. Lets see if it goes through.
  9. Champions League Final 2018 Real Madrid v Liverpool

    😭😭😭😭 final chance to shine
  10. Atlanta

  11. Summer 2018

    agreement reached
  12. Professional Afro-Caribbean/Black Barbers London

    True fucking stories
  13. Unai Emery

    LVG-lite Was doing this with emails and sneaking in read receipts.