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  1. No1 talking about how Charlie Murphy got his head SQUASHED my days thought Ghost was dreaming and was gna wake up before the final smash Don got Oberyn Martell'd
  2. Yeah , He's injured otherwise he would have played. Def one of the first names on the sheet
  3. 1-0 Ney Valencia LOL
  4. Can see already this Alena yout is going to cause problems
  5. Lindelof and Bailly could be the eventual partnership but imo them 2 at the back could be chaos. Bailly is capable of incredible performances but sometimes has mad moments. Settling. I like Lindeloff , he needs time ,both do. Should be Smalling + one of them 2 atm. The whole Perisic thing could be a smoke screen. Out of nowhere today we were linked with Forgberg from RBL. I think we're done with Inter's BS. Lingard and Rashford are both way more consistent at RW then Martial at LW , could be Martial under threat. Even though on his day he is a fucking boss
  6. It's only pre season lads
  7. MARTIAL >> Absolutely mocked Madrid there 1-0 United - Madrid
  8. Yo that's probably the best trailer I've seen in a long time. RIP the King , the way they dropped that , sick.
  9. Meek's subject matter never changes , but it still bangs tho Ball player with Quavo >> 1942 flows Fall Thru Issues Feeling this tbh
  10. Should have gone for B.Silva.
  11. City weren't ready 😂 Zlatan was a g but clearly the whole team is benefiting from a mobile striker up front. The counters i'm seeing would have been a myth last season.
  12. my g
  13. Reading Raiola now Veratti's agent?