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  1. i5_PRODUCER

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    Front 3 moving wreckless
  2. i5_PRODUCER

    live Week 08 - 18/19 Premier League

    This has to be the case , has to be. CRUMBLING
  3. Ofc had to be Phil fucking Jones we are a fucking shambles
  4. i5_PRODUCER

    live Fifa Best 2018

    😭 Butchered mans name
  5. i5_PRODUCER

    mufc Alexis Sanchez 7

    Heard one mad stat about Ronaldos last season with us and how all the 7s COMBINED since he left , in terms of league goals , are still behind need that verified cbl
  6. i5_PRODUCER

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    ddjsb fam
  7. Bait inter were applying that pressure.
  8. Fam that goal tho smalling >>>>
  9. i5_PRODUCER


    Ghost hiding behind the pillars in the parking lot killed me. / meh , show is what it is. Still think Kanan death was too early tho.
  10. i5_PRODUCER

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    Shaw cannot catch a break man / Henderson is an awful footballer