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  1. Spurs caught life omddd The look on city fans faces when VAR came back looooool
  2. as long as them man didn’t win the treble or quad init
  3. This is what i meant when i said i am not sure about Ole. The persistence on selecting Young is actually fucked. DDG rethinking life after that fuck up. Game is done.
  4. I'm not so sure about Ole you know, the start was strong, but since around after the PSG win. Its been a bit down hill I need to know what he'll do come summer cause technically mans first signing(re-signing) was Phil Fucking Jones
  5. double figures in the league for the young g, has Ole's trust. Depending on outs/ins this summer, next season could be big for him if ole's still about
  6. The bop must have been nuts
  7. £10, every week without fail. There are even times when I’m contemplating that 6th day trim/line up
  8. ???Bailly , pure panic when he's on the ball i swear. Came back into the room and saw the little red card symbol. knew he was the culprit.
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