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  1. o-guy

    Random News

    They were just one of the earlierst tribes to adopt islam in western africa (specifically the Hausa). They were part of the last leg of the Trans-Saharan caravan trade, which more or less flowed from the Middle East, North Africa then central/west africa. With trade flowed religious practices, so it's more true to say that the Trans-Saharan caravan trade was responsible for the spread of islam in africa.
  2. o-guy

    Times you had to make an unexpected departure

    lol i thought it was genuinely excepted: east = dress sense/grime south = gang stuff/uk rap
  3. o-guy

    Random News

    Not true at all. The tribes in present day nigeria fought no more than any where else, and were obviously divided because there was no "nigeria". It was not by any degree "war torn". Yorubal land and the benin empire have never had any kind of whole scale conflict. The Hausa confederations, joined, seperated and reformed amongst themselves for as long as there have been hausau people. They were quite self contained, is my point. The entire world was full of slavery. Europe included. Mass slavery was brought to african shores by europeans.
  4. o-guy

    Feminism is the worst thing to happen to society

    I think it's about being unapologetically yourself. Which can at times be a hard thing to do. In PWI they subtly condition (the ignorant "innocent" comments being one way) black people, to apologise for being "black" or making our "blackness" less of a thing for them to have to deal with. One of the reasons I think it's important to speak the way you genuinely speak, to work colleagues (not clients though). You got to shift what they consider as normal in their heads. Also life is just better when you're actually doing you.
  5. o-guy


    take a day trip to ilha grande (island off the coast of rio). Lopez mendes beach is there, and it is so beautiful. there's all the tourist stuff that you will hear about (big brother mountain, lapa steps, Christ the redeemer statue), all of which I think you should do. They have pacified favela rocinha (means the government took back control from the drug lords) and run tours. I stayed there for 4 days and the girls I was with made us leave because of the gun shots at night. Obviously not for everyone, but it was truly an amazing experience. I think every month they hold a huge block party up there, was sick when I went (may want to google that). Go on a city history tour. Brazil's history is very rich also if you're single, i'll PM you the last recommend.
  6. o-guy

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    Just to clarify i'm talking about face only. the body I think has a lot to do with nature (attraction to breast and bum and that)
  7. o-guy

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    Scientifically, I think the 2 positions that currently have the most support in western society are: 1. we find features that indicate a strong genetic make up, the most attractive (use to be the backing behind the whole "symmetry is beautiful" idea, but the whole symmetry thing has begun to fall away as in of its self it is not a strong indicator of genetic excellence and if you get a wider sample population the amount of people who actually think a perfectly symmetrical face is beautiful begin to drastically fall). 2. Men and women innately find features that are the pinnacle of femininity and masculinity most attractive (i.e men find feminine facial features most attractive in women and vice versa). The two ideas above are based on the nature argument. We are born with some kind of preference built into us, science aside I think most people believe that, or at the very least think it has something to do with it. I personally think it's completely nurture. In this day and age, what people consume (in the sense of media, friends and family) determines what they like. In my opinion.
  8. o-guy

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    I don't think it's right that I think this way by the way. I'm just being honest. Tbh concerning most of the stuff I put, I hope im wrong/ I wouldn't defend in an argument.
  9. o-guy

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    I definitely think monogamy is good for me kind of focuses me
  10. o-guy

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    I think the point of monogamy is to regulate the family unit and make the nuclear family the norm. It's more about what fits best in a capitalist structure, as oppose to what is likely to be best for each individual From a legal standpoint (ignoring the cultural, moralistic, and religious dimensions) the reason why polygamy is illegal in most western cities is to do with all the tax/monetary benefits afforded to spouses.
  11. o-guy

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    pure speciesism
  12. o-guy

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    nah I meant animals lives are worth less than humans. I did try the whole vegan thing for a few months, not for me. I actually love, love I just think most people confuse love with possession, or they excuse possession because it's natural or see it as a sign of love.
  13. o-guy

    United States of Brutality

    that article is a madness
  14. o-guy

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    lol / peanut butter is nasty No animals life is worth that of a human's patriotism is a con Love for most people is mostly about control and feeding their own needs If we were all completely secure with ourselves and partners + unselfish, we would let our partners fuck other people Whatever you think is beautiful is a result of a life time of conditioning intolerance and narrow mindedness are the two things that the right and left have the most in common Some people are weak - everything else is just an excuse/explanation for that weakness I think rape in of itself is more evil than murder. T-pain is one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time. All intelligent people are manipulative people.