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  1. o-guy

    Harvey Weinstein

    I agree that is legit not what the sex offenders register is for. Being a creep doesn't make you the same as a rapist or a pedophile. also to play devils advocate imagin you're in a bar/club, with a girl, chatting, feeling a vibe and then you lean in for a kiss. The girl doesn't kiss you back, you embarassed apologise for misreading the situation, and she responds "you just assualted me". I'm not saying this is the same situation, but inherently the facts are the same: 1. guy makes move 2. girl says no 3. guy says sorry 4. girl caims assault obviously we all understand that the kissing of someones neck and head is too intimate for a first move, but think about it, he either kissed her three times really fast, or she stayed, she then said she didn't want that and he immediaetly apologised and made no further advances. To me that says, bit weird, probably a loser with women, needs to understand what kind of touching is and is not acceptable when you don't know someone. Not rapist or pedo.
  2. o-guy

    Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct

    i thought he agreed with you on everything but how you handled the situation. I think we all agree that the breddah shouldn't have shouted at you.
  3. o-guy

    Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct

    Badman we're pretty much on the same page. but whether it's better to honestly reason with the guy vs trying to manipulate him and the situation, is something we can only speak on if we were there. and like you said your approach is more what i would expect from a big woman, not a teenage girl.
  4. o-guy


  5. o-guy

    Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct

    C/S every word.
  6. o-guy

    Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct

    I get what you're saying but nothing in that story suggested she was scared. and deffo after she said the thing about being forced it should of ended there. But instead he pointed at his jeans and she crawled over to him and sucked him off... like come on... there has to be some personal accountability. Tbh the whole thing read like he was being an over eager/creepy neek (especially the bit about tapping her on the shoulder and pointing at his d*ck with a smile). But sexual harrasement? nah.
  7. o-guy

    Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct

    bro why are you acting like it isn't understandable that she was scared after he shouted at her? I agree with everything that your saying objectively, but it doesn't apply to her situation. He behaved aggressively and her first priority switched to her safety (not following up with i want to leave, but talking the situation down and then leaving), which is reasonable imo.
  8. o-guy

    Oscars 2018

    I think he was really good in it. Hope he wins.
  9. People in power do it the world over whenever it benefits them. I said western society because I believe white europeans have played a vital role in the way black people are generally perceived around the world. From black people are biologically inferior (less intelligent) to black people are socially inferior (more prone to corruption and crime). It's all nonsense/poison. But by saying it's not us blacks, it's thoes blacks over there (which is at the heart of any africans vs caribbeans vs african americans talk) is keeping that nonsense/poison alive in yourself and in the world imo. "western society the least". You're gonna need to explain that one, because i feel like that's a kindah wild statement to make.
  10. Bruv... this kind of thinking is poison. Western society is always using the worst actions of a minority to judge the whole of a foreign people. Every black person has felt the unfairness of this. How are you going to draw an imaginary line (african/jamaican) and then suddenly not see the problem with this kind of thinking? I work in a law firm full of Oxbridge the world was made for me types, i promise you they do not see your imaginary line. What you said is not true, i understand why it feels/seems like it is true but it's not. At all. I would go deeper into explaining why i believe this, but I don't know if you want to have a serious discussion about it and i can't be asked if not. I'm Nigerian by the way.
  11. not gonna lie, first thing i thought was corny DC bum drip but that trailer moved me still. Wait for it to build up a bit and will give it a mini bulk watch.
  12. o-guy

    Official Anime / Manga Thread

    Shut down ting. All current series will be put on pause.
  13. o-guy

    Sex Bucket List

    excellent thread. Lens MVP still
  14. o-guy

    Official Anime / Manga Thread

    watched one punch already, i liked that too. / Safe, i'll hit up Hunter X hunter next
  15. o-guy

    Official Anime / Manga Thread

    yeah i might cop. I'm watching psycho-pass now. got any recommendations for a sick anime? i'm trying to jump back on but there's so many options don't know where to start. Just got up to date with attack on titan, which i thought was amazing