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  1. Marriage/Engagement

    You thinking bout it??
  2. Adriano

    Pos both. Dodo the Master League Makalele.
  3. Adriano

    Nah nah. Shout outs to CASTOLO, XIMELEZ and GUTIERREZ Real Master League dons.
  4. Adriano

  5. Football Manager 2018

    Getting a new lappy Jan. Will have to cop. First one since 15.
  6. Week 08 - 17/18 Premier League & CL MD3

    Happy no Mane today. Should make it 10x easier without their best player.
  7. Harvey Weinstein

    Mate. Wtf? And they just had this in his contract like it was nothing. Madness.
  8. Ballon D'or 2017

    For comparison purposes
  9. Rick and Morty

    Decent season overall. Thoroughly enjoyed. Now the sad wait for season 4
  10. Harvey Weinstein

    She was in couple Hitchcock films... Is she saying she was harrased after or she got harrased and got the jobs...? Sounds like she did what she had to do to make headway into the industry until she was tired of it.
  11. Doin' Acid

    Should Chinese water torture these scumbags with acid. Disgusting cunts tbh.
  12. Official Anime / Manga Thread

    Need to jump back on.
  13. Harvey Weinstein

    Shit is rife though. If man dont know how dutty Roman Polanski is do your research. These top well known figures get away with nastiness. Weinsteen is pissed. Defo a sacrificial cover up for a whole catalogue of duttyness up there.