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  1. Nice one will watch tonight. ERM I found a whole area on DS3 I didn't even know was there. At the smouldering lake I'm dodging the big fucking arrows as you do... Next minute it breaks the floor!! Looked at my stepdaughter like Dropped down found a whole new world like Aladdin and Jasmine. Popped out at the other end in familiar territory no idea how I missed this last run.
  2. Good FM project.
  3. Lmao @ 'Usain is missing - Usain is on the fucking floor' Quality.
  4. Ohhhh. I thought Nameless king was a DLC boss. OK I'll be sure to do it this run. I've already don't shit I hadn't done in the first run and I'm only just at the path of sacrifices or whatever its called. Game just keeps giving me more.
  5. @Agent31 who was the hidden boss? I must have missed it.
  6. What's football? Oh you mean Ballopoly? I remember the days of football feels so long ago. Now we are collecting 200mill every time we pass go now though.
  7. Thanks. Them swords were absolute dogshit. Atill are tbh lmao. Just about passable now.
  8. Loooool.
  9. OK... So... I killed him first time back... Soooooo... I'm gonna stream NG+ run.
  10. Join me and watch the suffering guys.
  11. Defo. Imma add you on PSN wanna catch live when I can.
  12. Lolwut? Corny.
  13. OK. Been one hit away from finishing this game 6 times now. I feel like crying. >>>>>>>>>>>>His lance Fucking broken weapon the hit box is way worse than Dancers grab. Feels like the active frames last forever and the hitbox takes up the whole screen. But I got this now. Some patience and some good RNG I should get this soon.