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  1. Martial

  2. Official Cooking Thread

    Never had Persian but I fuck with Turkish cuisine.
  3. Official Cooking Thread

    Trust Slow cookers>>>>>>>>>> Too nuts. Rice cookers just breed laziness.
  4. Rip Stormin

    RIP Him vs Trim was massively entertaining.
  5. General Boxing Thread

    Lol just saw the fight. Beg Jr get a trainer. Terrible.
  6. Rambo's and acid Bdgjskoapapa
  7. Winter Olympics

    Ahhh fair enough Defo a mockery. What's the point of banning them but still allowing them to compete?
  8. Arsenal Fan TV and chill

  9. General Boxing Thread

    Lmaoooooo Nas spitting the REAL
  10. Winter Olympics

    Why is Russia called "The Olympic Athletes From Russia"?
  11. Ravel Morrison Watch

    Dunno but its defo an old user confirmed.
  12. The ting goes.......... (Las Vegas Edition)

    Wait, what? 18 this year?! Its February wtf.