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  1. Jose Mourinho

    Yeah. Puts what we all know in a consice way for the Bapes of the world. My fave part? "And let's not mention Fellaini"
  2. The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    That is so fucked up lmaaaaoooooooo
  3. Official Samba Boys Thread.

  4. Harvey Weinstein

    http://it.eurosport.com/calcio/serie-a/2017-2018/robinho-nei-guai-condannato-a-nove-anni-per-violenza-sessuale-di-gruppo_sto6419674/story.shtml 9 Years fuck
  5. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Saw the jacket thought rah ok... The rest of the shit... Meh... Regular tings it dont even look that good... But then the baby vest!! Looooooool faaaaaaaam. This guy is sick. Very good idea.
  6. Harvey Weinstein

    What is kiss chase extra? And who was playing kiss chase after primary school? "Sexual experimentation" at 11 is fucked and not "harmless" either. And this woman is a hypocrite in all senses. I hope one of her loved ones happens to get convicted of something when innocent see if she still feels it was for the greater good. Smh.
  7. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Came off his bicycle? Trying to insinuate he fell without dropping themselves in shit. Police are disgusting.
  8. Who does Jose need to buy in January

    Fuck Bale. Beg we invest in defence this Winter/Summer. Dire.
  9. Week 12 - 17/18 Premier League

    This is why I didn't even bother laugh at Liverpool tbh.
  10. Old Skool Dons

    Hilarious day
  11. Learning To Code

    Looool 100%
  12. The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    She does music. Used to run with Lady Leeshur And nobody should really be relaxing their hair or putting any sort of strong chemicals in it tbh. Thats perming, bleaching, hot combing whatever. Shit eats out "black female" hair too. Look at Naomi Campbell's head top. Hair is nyam out.
  13. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Never seen that Mo yout. Wont check again. Smh.