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  1. The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    That's nuts. Amazing.
  2. What can't you eat?

  3. Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    Deleted Showbox for Terrarium. Great decision. Props for the heads up guise.
  4. Fantasy Premier League 17/18 (PLUS NEW GAME)

    Lindelof killing me. Knew I should a picked Bailley
  5. Dunno why Wenger is forcing 3-5-2 w/o the personnel loolsmh.
  6. Terror Attack in Barcelona

    R.I.P to fallen. Mate of mines daughter is out there. Was on that very same road just yesterday. Scary.
  7. Robben could leave Chelsea for Spurs

    Been using the same cutting in and shoot for near 15years
  8. Week 01 - 17/18 Premier League

    Asensio strike was too clean.
  9. Hot Summer: 2017 Transfer window edition

    Thats not what he's saying...
  10. Official Anime / Manga Thread

    You need to delete the spaces in your spoiler tags and they'll work.
  11. Whats the story? (In Balamory)
  12. Week 01 - 17/18 Premier League

    Loool 12?! Ok fair enough haha