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  1. https://youtu.be/gwKXSzf4E6I "Ole you could have two centrebacks available for the Newcastle game" "That's enough init?" Loool
  2. Had man bussing all sortsa skanks
  3. Never watched all of NGE. I may have to take it all in. Just started 7 deadly sins. It's decent.
  4. PMSL. Haven't read/watched HxH since a little after the ChimeraAnt arc. Togashi is too nuts. Just goes on holiday when he wants.
  5. He's had an immense 15years. If he wants to guarantee finals he'll stay I the east. I think he should test the west though.
  6. And stunt Ben Simmons growth?
  7. Embarrassing. Went out like punks. Who woulda thought Javale McGee and Swaggy fucking P would ever have rings. Both were integral over the course of the season though loool.
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