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  1. MGEEZ

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    Bro what u expect from internet nerds ?
  2. MGEEZ

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    Agree with all
  3. MGEEZ

    Random News

    U can only begin to understand that pain once you become a parent. It wont help but really sorry again
  4. MGEEZ

    Random News

    Sorry to hear this bro. Can I ask what happened ?
  5. MGEEZ

    BREXIT - 29 March 2019

    He is, we all are.
  6. MGEEZ

    Suit Rental

  7. MGEEZ

    Words u wish people would stop sayin..

    Where u from mate ? Cant be London
  8. MGEEZ


  9. MGEEZ

    New wave of 30 year olds

    Rah this mad
  10. MGEEZ


    Fake news
  11. MGEEZ

    Why you coming fast ?

    became a meme again recently and he set up a page
  12. MGEEZ

    Winter has arrived 18/19

  13. MGEEZ

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    The plantation from that vid someone has got behind him that has created the machine for him. Would really like to know the ins and outs fully
  14. MGEEZ


    Agree re k koke