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  1. It's 2017 u know lads. Man can't keep replying to characters as if they are real...
  2. Word.
  3. Really emplore everyone to vote if not doing so already.
  4. ??? Have to respek it
  5. It's all good imo. Props up the culture Only problem is I would like the owners to be blacks/ppl from the scene but it is what it is
  6. Cat with the dogs >>>>
  7. Lol trus
  8. Pls explain this
  9. Ye especially with guys like u walking about
  10. How's ur other group going bro
  11. Internet is Mad
  12. Like a pardna
  13. How many years s u reckon it's been? Lmb
  14. ?
  15. Can understand ppl being annoyed about that failed in life lone tbh.