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  1. Which Gang is this, a lotta confusion and contradictions

    Alpha Male19 minutes ago The Nastie Squad, and the youngers (Young Nastie Squad) and TNS (Tiny Nastie Squad), was made up from couple utes the fields, Norwood, Tulse and Streatham. Bare of the olders were from Brixton Fields and the youngers were from a bare different areas in south Nastie Squad was about from the mid 1990’s till 03 when they became OC (Organised Crime), whose current Olders are from the Nastie Squad era. The Name change to OC came when Myatts Fields joined up with Cowley Road and Vassall. The Nastie Squad’s olders had main beefs with other clicks like PDC. Stefon was never PD. I used to run around looking up to these man as a ute ak, I'm original Loughborough b. Read more Show less Reply1 Report spam or abuse Karnel Davis1 second ago Fair enough brudda. But then why does it say in the Street Boys book which I copped that before O.C was formed in 2003 they were members of P.D.C and the reason O.C was formed in 03 was because P.D.C elders like Jaja Soze, Inches, Ribbz, Naja, Syikes, Blacker got locked up in 2003 so the younger P.D.C members who lived in Myatts Field were bored due to the lack of activity on road so they branched off from P.D.C and formed O.C. Remember fam this book has reached a more wider mainstream audience than any of P.D.C's music has it sold a lot of copies. Not to say u are wrong though but just telling u cuz it does say this in the book Read more Show less
  2. Which Gang is this, a lotta confusion and contradictions

    Sean CO5 months ago muslim boys days, sms south man syndicate, coming up in that era was not nice at all lmao Read more Show less Reply8 9
  3. Which Gang is this, a lotta confusion and contradictions

    Alpha Male10 hours agoHighlighted reply How? He was Original O.C The syndicate (VC and SMS) He was one of the founders of O.C alongside DD, Jokes and Brigzy Shyste. He was running around with Quincy from 28s, he was never PDC as they never really affiliated with each other much as he was on another level compared to them man. Read more Show less Reply1 Report spam or abuse Karnel Davis1 second ago O.C started in 2003 before 2003 he was in P.D.C as were most other members of O.C before O.C was formed so did u really just say they were never really affiliated with each other? He was on the same level as P.D.C members like Biker, Mouse, Shuge Knight, Rat Man, Phat Si, Ribbz, Archer, Inches, Syikes, Ham, Blacker, Matanna, Littles but on another level compared to certain other members Read more Show less
  4. Wayne Rooney

    Oh another thing Rooney has been injured just before every international tournament besides Euro 2004, 2014 World cup and Euro 2016. And at both 2014 World cup and Euro 2016 he was played out of position. So Euro 2004 is the only tournament where he has been fit before the tournament and played in his actual position. The guy has scored 200 PL goals that is just outta this planet. 200 goals imagine that
  5. Wayne Rooney

    Let's not forget England would have won Euro 2004 if Rooney never got injured against Portugal in the quarter final. He was world class that tournament and unstoppable. Of course we know the 2002-2007 Rooney isn't the same as today as he lost his lightening pace, acceleration and ability to dribble past players with such ease. But he can still perform well at the 2018 WC like he is right now
  6. Which Gang is this, a lotta confusion and contradictions

    I could but I want things If afroman and chaps do their part let's make it happen
  7. Wayne Rooney

    @Agony @Seydou @Drift
  8. Heroin addict confirmed
  9. Wayne Rooney

    Scored again against Man City. Classic VIP2 silence, silence, silence. I just love watching him play
  10. Where would he be without his pace
  11. Tottenham Hotspur 2016/17

    Can't believe Davids played for Spurs when Spurs were a very medicore team

    Spartan ish smoked some ammi on black prince road

    just linked Aydoo aka @Seydou in Kennington
  14. Eminem

    Ahhh see u know the lyrics to Hailie's Song
  15. Jay Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail

    It's subjective just because I say this doesn't make it true for u. But my thing is just strictly from my perspective I find Jay Z's execution boring I don't connect with his music I can't vibe to his music. I am drawn to a completely different style of hip hop I like rappers who got choruses and melodies and just an overall vibe that I like. I got nothing against rappers/emcees like Jay Z, Scarface, Nas, Styles P, Canibus, Wu Tang, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes etc personally it's just I don't like that style of rap