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  1. @Lens is the account gonna be put back to normal or is it violated forever like this?

    1. Lens


      I can't answer that, I only mod topics, user accounts aren't in my jurisdiction.

      please make a thread in the Site Issues section of the forum if You want this looked at. 

    2. Young Bape

      Young Bape

      I can't even access that section

  2. @JOHN DOE @FA23 @TF S4DK it was a funny joke now put the account back on normal

  3. we definitely cool, definitely not touched Your account. 

    1. Young Bape

      Young Bape

      say nada who did though?

  4. Beg u put the account back on normal. Violated the account like say i'm Jazzy Jeff tryna step into Uncle Phil's yard. Swear down u misunderstood that chicks we beat post it's been established months ago 6 months back I didn't really beat the chick and admitted it after @Zizouz caught me out on reverse pics. So I admitted I just talked to that chick in a chat room cyber sex, role play. Then last week I put the image on reverse pics myself and it lead to an escort website an escort working in NY so who ever I was chatting to in that chat room 321 teen chat stole that pic


    How did u misunderstand this? We cool as well c'mon mate

  5. Who violated the account and put the ting on troll? man can't post and see threads :/

  6. Conspiracy To Supply. Collab Mixtape me and @Trap God let's make it happen broski hosted by @Mame Biram Diouf. featuring @MGEEZ, Skrapz, Swarvo, J Money, Alan B, Phantom, Elmz Street, Frass. 20 tracks. Original songs with original production, songs over instrumentals, freestyles. Rap, Drill, Trap and Grime songs. Available for free download and hard copies. 4 videos each diff 1 filmed by GRM, Link Up, SB, Pacman. Big bottles of henny, cola, ciroc, ribena, k.a, OZ's of Amsterdam import amnesia and hash, swisher wraps zoning out while we record in the studio. Papa Johns pizza, nandos, chicken cottage in the studio to munch. Let's make it happen Shiest this would be historic most historic moment in VIP2 history a Harlesden G linking with a Willesden/Kensal Green border G to record a dope Mixtape with nada but bangers
  7. Would have been a bad move as u now realize my threads are quality
  8. Top 5 that do both genres 1. RSG'z 2. Big H 3. Kano 4. Ghettz 5. Chip
  9. Solo artist wise. Roadside the best at both as a collective but H the best at it solo
  10. Put respek on Giggs name
  11. So if he played it in 2002 ---------------------------------------------------------------Barthez---------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------Blanc------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------Brown------------------Silvestre----------------------------------------------- Beckham-------------------------------------Scholes--------Keane---------Veron------------------------------Giggs---------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------Solksjaer--------------Van Nistelrooy----------------------------------------------------------
  12. Agree with Necksta but the thing is ever since he made Game Is Mine he been trying to re create the same song and they have not been even as half as good that is why all his songs sound the same besides a few. Plus before he made that song he was not tryna blow it was just fun now he really trying to blow in music and go mainstream
  13. Imagine this line up in Moyes first season -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------De Gea------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rafael----------------------------------------------------Smalling-------------------------------------Vidic-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Evra ---------------------------------------------------------------------Carrick--------------------------------Thiago---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------Nani----------------------------Kagawa-------------------------------------------Januzaj-------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Welbeck-------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Moyes is a mad man
  15. Lies. Moyes wanted him to be his first signing we bid for him but once Pep was interested he chose Bayern instead