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  1. Why u dont jus start posting again instead of attention seekin like this lol

  2. Thanks for the follow


  3. God bless all the trap drillaz in this weather. Getting it in on the roads slangin that yay, brown, hard, m dizz, speed, meth, chro
  4. But K.F.C 9 pieces Tuesday's>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pepsi no ice boss man
  5. The K.F.C advert with the peng tings dancing is corny
  6. My akh went jumuah then smoked a hash zoot and ate a halal Nandos
  7. Walk On Water is some deep from the soul meaningful pain music. A song that can make the coldest killers who ain't known nothin but bangin/trappin/robbin/shooting straps/dipping cry
  8. What is dusty to u is enjoyable to me and vice versa. That's life everyone is different
  9. I'm bac on my bullshit. Bac on the ammi, bac in Soho, bac running around the city with a United shirt with Lingards name, bac listening to U.K Drill/Trap wishing while i'm listening i was a Peel Dem Crew 28's member with a lot of guns/money/diamonds/hoe's, bac at Woody Grill, bac on my house raves up West End @MGEEZ @Kuffir, @Trap God @Grafter @Kompressor @Haze-e @Seydou @Flat Eric @Mephisto
  10. Spartan ish smoked some ammi on black prince road
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