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  1. Stormzy is an inspiration to young people that u can make it
  2. Amazing memories, amazing goals. Look at his medals cabinet
  3. Agreed @ Thizz will score 15 minimum and 15 assists minimum too. I just love watching him play when he's on form he is Godly player the best
  4. This the Rooney we all love
  5. What u man smoking? this is our quickest squad ever and the modern game is all about pace. We have everything quick players with tekk, athletes, great balance. I'm over the moon with this squad
  6. Shown he can do the CDM role last season but his best position and long term position is still as box to box CM until he reaches his early 30's then when the legs and pace go he can slot into that CDM role when he reaches 32/33
  7. Exactly. I think Thizz is smoking that strong lemon haze he confused lol
  8. Shearer didn't even win an F.A. Cup or a single trophy at Newcastle let alone the PL
  9. Kluivert was better than Shearer, Solskjaer, Cole. I know we have had this discussion before but if we had signed him in summer 1998 we would have still won the treble but actually won more CL's too and wouldn't have had to wait till 2008 to win out next won. Kluivert and Scholes link up would have been heavenly
  10. Disagree fam his passing tek and range is what he is rated for the most. His shooting is what he is underrated for only because he doesn't scote many goals but he has a beautiful long range strike
  11. I remember when I used to eat Woody Grill for breakfast at 5 a.m would get a lamb or chicken donner wrap. That used to be my spot but the hygene story put me of going
  12. Forgot to add Ole was 2 footed could score with either feet while Shearer was just right footed so he has that over Shearer as well as being able to play well both as a CF and winger while Shearer played as a CF
  13. Let's break it down I said Shearer was as good at everything as Shearer Shooting - Even Finishing - Even (Give both 1 chance and they will score) First Touch - Even Speed - Even Movement - Even Passing - Even Heading - Can give this to Shearer but Solsjkaer was good in the air too Crossing - Even Overall goals to games played ratio - Even So what was Shearer better at than Ole besides possibly heading? Shearer can take that 1 but Ole was more versatile as he played out wide too and did a great job playing either as a CF or right winger