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  1. for cup games they areplus the usually 10 sumtimes 20 pounds cheaper than home tickets
  2. the home atmospher is sh*t due 2 all the forign glory hunters that sit in the south stand, the stretford end makes the most noise, if they dont start with songs then no1 else does, i get wot kompressor is sayin but the tickets hav always been expensiv,i prefer to go to away matches now then home matches just coz the atmospher is better and the tickets r usually cheaper and easier to get
  3. no, if united were fightin relagtion n got relagated id still support em, wot i meant wud why turn ur back on a trophy winnin club for a bunch of ametures yeh i get what your sayin about giving the glazers money and ticket prices but like i said id rather watch the reserves then watch fc united, 5quid to get in lol cant go wrong there can ya and u still seen well known names like tosic, da silva, macheda etcalso i watched footage of fc united on youtube lol the attendance is alot stil, more people go then they do to reserve games which i find abit strange and i thought it was funny how they all stil singin united songs
  4. so what do fc united supporters think of united supporters, the team, the clubdo they hate us or dont they care what happens at united at all? or is there stil abit of lovecoz i just could never bring myself to support no1 else over united spesh when were still the most succesfull club in britain
  5. i wasnt saying if you cant get tickets,i was saying you should experience going to both within the 1 weekend and then compare and contrast.might open your eyes to alot of things Not saying buy a season ticket or anythingyeh but i think back to why it was started? because they were against the glazer take over all seems abit silly to me
  6. if i cant get united tickets al just go watch the reserves lol
  7. i actually feel sorry for tosic now aswel as darron gibson
  8. lol gary neville >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> luke youngsit down now
  9. yeh blomqvist was sikhis career was f*cked up by injuries tho but in that treble season he was immense
  10. fuk him back in the day if u played sh*t u wud be placed in the reservesthis is where he belongsobertan >>>>>>> valencia >>>>>> nani lol
  11. could never support fc unitedi want em to do well but if it ever came to man united vs fc united i kno who i'd be supporting lol i love man united to much
  12. lol at him saying he's won everything and sh*t lolwho's that twat from agentinawho's that money grabbin whorecarlos tevez is his name and he hasn't got a brain and he wont be winning trophys anymore
  13. the demo was waste wtf bare slowby the time the player lifts his leg up to shoot he's already been tackledav heard rumours how the game is nuttin like the demo which is hard very hard to believei still think pro has the better graphicsam gonna get it anyway and if it really is that sh*t its gettin sold and fifa is gettin purchased
  14. real fan up in dis bitch! aint no cockny man lives walkin distance from the ground lolwas at barnsley last week reppin wen dem dumb riot police tried it
  15. uniteds reserves r too much! i go to the games regular josh king and eikrem r merkin it lol also reece brown and corry evans r looking good and tosicmacheda dont look the same player tho, he was on the bench last week stil
  16. lol he probs just called her a slag or suttin
  17. lol seriousi dont get it, if she had been female and black3/4 years at least
  18. welbeck vs stoke?macheda vs villa?
  19. y the media insistin we sell every1 after we just won a 3rd league title in a row n got 2 the champs league final for the second year runnin
  20. wil some1 make up their mind and decide which 1 is uniteds real kit! lolstil comes like man red's kit off pro evo 4
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