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  1. bex

    fao bex

  2. definitely mentally ill
  3. bex

    Bathing/showering with Your Partner

    showering is cool, done the bath thing once but it wasn't worth the effort. i can see it being enjoyable in one of those corner baths i guess as for toilet activities, no way
  4. bex

    The Health Advice Thread

    i've had problems with insomnia for as long as i can remember, but i think i'm finally managing to form some kind of a routine thanks to sleep restriction therapy (and asmr videos). i highly recommend this to anyone who has severe problems sleeping, it's pretty hellish to begin with but it really does work http://gettingstronger.org/2011/06/a-cure-for-insomnia/#more-2550
  5. bex

    Young apprentice thread

    alan has a soft spot for the small northern lad, i reckon he'll win. the fashionista that looks like brains from thunderbirds, what is his purpose? hopefully he'll be made team leader next week and we'll see him actually do something
  6. bex

    OFFICIAL Facebook/Random Topic

    i love atmosphere
  7. bex

    OFFICIAL Facebook/Random Topic

    the wanted i reckon
  8. bex

    What happend to these?

    was there a difference between nerds and dweebs? i remember when bubblicious came out, i found it amazing that a bubble gum could have syrup in it. also used to like those lollipops that were shaped like a tongue, on some plastic lips. would never be seen with one of those nowadays, lol
  9. bex

    OFFICIAL Facebook/Random Topic

    well i have to bring up a symbols menu to insert an apostrophe on my phone, which is long to me. so i just type am
  10. bex

    OFFICIAL Facebook/Random Topic

    i don't see what's wrong with typing 'am' instead of 'i'm/i am'. people write 'will get that done', 'have finished that', etc. rather than i'll/i will and i've/i have all the time. obviously you wouldn't use it in an essay or anything but it's fine for informal stuff imo
  11. bex

    Official VENTING Thread

    what a disgusting thing to do. hope you're alright ripster
  12. bex

    Songs you used to sing at school

    everybody's building, everybody's building, everybody's building day by day ^ used to like singing this one as the woman playing the piano used to get faster each verse, by the end she was just manic c/s world in his hands and shalom
  13. bex

    Christmas Day Thread

  14. bex

    X Factor 2010

    i'm shocked but pleased go orn bex
  15. bex

    X Factor 2010

    rih looks hot