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  1. Vertigo

    Love Island

    So there constantly in Dubai? SNM ­čśé Once these slores are dried out some sad guy is going to wife them after the Arab dons have thoroughly degraded them.
  2. You man should enjoy them. The canadian kebabs are shit. I know UK ones have god knows what in. But they were tasty.
  3. On one level the idea of rehabilitation is a good idea but in these cases and crimes not so much. If you're a nonce. You will always return at some point to looking at that kind of stuff. Even more scary is you get with a woman who doesn't know who you are or what you previously did.
  4. Lendlease are pieces of shit. They stuffed over a lot of Southwark as well on their social housing promises. Took the council for utter mugs. The more ruthless people at Southwark jumped ship and joined Lendlease after setting up deals or bringing over info that would favor the company in that borough. Good article from earlier this year on Vice, about what they did to the Heygate and surrounding area. https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/qkq4bx/every-flat-in-a-new-south-london-development-has-been-sold-to-foreign-investors
  5. Telling a guy your trans after you have sex. The ultimate MOC It's kinda outrageous that you'd keep that information to yourself though. Knowing the reaction it would probably raise. And it's even more deceitful when they'd been chatting for 2 months. I see a few transwomen with profiles on Tinder but at least they make it very clear, so if you're the sort of guy into that you know what's what. But blatantly deceiving someone into messing with you is foul.
  6. Vertigo

    2017 Hot Summer

    That 'honor' killing story is some sick shit So did her own family co sign her getting tasered, raped and having her throat slit and then stuffed in a fridge?
  7. Lol Chip got rushed? Was P and his guys wearing masks?
  8. I watched the Panorama episode on iplayer about the grenfell fire yesterday and it really hit home how utterly messed up this was. People running out from their own flats in the area and knowing family and friends were in the building on the higher floors but it was too late to go in. One guy saved an old woman who couldn't make it down the stairs and he got her and his friend out through the thick smoke. He was happy to be alive of course but you wonder in those quiet moments of contemplation what that does to a person, knowing how close the end was. The one part that really struck me is they show a photo montage of some of the victims and you could see how many little kids were in that building who are now 'missing'
  9. The hilarious thing is look how Piers Morgan reacts when his accused of using inflammatory language against muslims.
  10. It speaks volumes that Theresa May turned up there and didn't even speak to residents. I mean she's awkward enough dealing with white working class. Her handlers must have been shook at the possibility of her getting confronted by someone local and it going viral.
  11. An absolute disgrace and I would imagine a bulk of the people now with no home or belongings and I doubt building or contents insurance will be moved out of London. Out of sight.
  12. Brexit is saving her for now. The trouble for the Tories who started plotting as soon as those exit polls came out is Brexit negotiations start in two weeks. The sight of a leader who has been toppled and yet is still attending would sink the tories wholesale. So anyone who had plans to run in the leadership contest has to hold their horses for now. I fully expect the talks to be pushed back. Then you have people in her party who have always hated her, but for party unity and of course to keep hold of power kept quiet for the election. I mean if she pulled of that majority they would have been sonned and could never make a move on her, but with these results expect off the record briefings and story's planted in the right wing press the DUP situation is the icing on the cake. After all the ranting from the right wing press about the Corbyn and the IRA this whole thing is darkly hilarious.
  13. That guy looked like he was casually strolling through on his phone. Very lucky the police showed up when they did.
  14. Vertigo

    2017 Hot Summer

    Lol so he legitimately brought that? These guys are trying outdo each other.
  15. It's not 'fakenews' per se, it is staged though. Which most news interviews are. I guess it's more about placement. Those people were probably already there with their signs and the cameras wanted to make a 'feel good' story with them so they moved them up front were all the cameras could film them.
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