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  1. Street Fighter 5

    when this game comes out 4 hours minimum a day
  2. Super Street Fighter IV AE Thread Part 2

    Any of you about on Steam?
  3. Iphone 4 question (battery life)

  4. Office guys

    macadamia nuts, yoghurt, berries, jerky, deli meats
  5. Gone are the days of eating shitty plain food

    meant that cooking with olive oil at high temperatures is a bad idea that guys pan was smoking, the kinda heat will oxidise the oil and create free radicals should of used something like clarified butter or coconut oil
  6. Gone are the days of eating shitty plain food

    sweet potato, chicken, eggs i can agree with. fat free cheddar cheese? wheat breadcrumbs? cooking with olive oil? not as healthy as you may think.
  7. TV Shows to get in on NOW!

    sons of anarchy ^^^
  8. Black Dynamite (Makers Of Boondocks)

    wtf they made him loud and comical gone are the macho sharp, terse sentences will give it a chance i guess
  9. 50 cent involved in a car accident

    [media=] [/media]mwanyy
  10. Fao John doe

    couldnt find the song at 0:34 on youtube =/ edit: nvm [media=] [/media]
  11. Official Cooking Thread

    anybody know about swede turnips? how do you eat yours?
  12. Nexflix Recommendation Thread

    The DNS thing works on my PC, you have to logon through .com site though, UK one won't work.
  13. My Rice Cooker is broken :(

    lol at woman flex rice/pasta/carbs are known to make you feel full and then weirdly hungry later (so you snack more) becomes a recipe for disaster
  14. My Rice Cooker is broken :(

    im fine with yams (and sweet potato) but fufu, yeah, as you said.
  15. My Rice Cooker is broken :(

    gave up rice no more bloated alas lazy days