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  1. Ashman get a bloody job before getting married for umpteenth time u white c*nt
  2. roberz999


    Fishing is a gd spot to sit back and drink a few jars and catch Some rays on a nice day
  3. oh well the mongrel gets another 4 years then back to white supremacy how it belongs
  4. lol @ confusing golden axe with streets of rage is time to hang ur self fool
  5. jog on time bomb u thoughtless c*nt
  6. roberz999


    it was funny Toney was confused
  7. roberz999


    halal em means allow em
  8. time bomb eat your mum and get aids u foreign c*nt
  9. cam4 doesn't work on android sucks
  10. roberz999


    s3 all the way u won't look back
  11. all the foreign individuals and families in the UK who sponge off the government and produce kids to Get more benefits should be booted out and put on an island and blown up
  12. never heard of her but she looks hot waste of black p*ssy she should have looked dumb bitch
  13. well thankfully that's what my test results were negative
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