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  1. Your kinda aren't welcome in this thread unless you are sharing your appreciation for her sexual aura.innitthem jealous chickstryna deflect the attention and make us all feel bad for looking at a "younger"the f*ck outta here
  2. Cannot co-sign the ACT But I co-sign the sentiment.Them pussies you HAVE to make the most of.
  3. LOL @ the three people hating on the NIssanTwo dense breddas and a white bresounds like a trouble tv show
  4. Don't let Brisco hear that.He'll ave ya
  5. What's this gotta do with the Government?Swear it says it's a police initiative.
  6. Takeaway menus aren't books darg.hw can i read take away menus in a hospital?Depends.BUPA heads tarl up.
  7. bladerunner

    The Shape

    Still benning at thatbrilliant!!!!
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