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    Thanks for this Added to chrome just now Gna watch me some telenovela Don't use Hola Way too dodgy unotelly and unblockus are the best ones, but have to pay. With the clamp down on vpns, it won't be worth buying an annual sub. smarflix looks like the perfect solution, but I'll wait till they release that on linux, and run it in a vm. Too new to trust and look too good to be true imo.
  2. sonotron


    Out of the chain restaurants, it has to be Firezza. All ingredients are fresh and not processed. The Buffalo mozzarella>>>>>___.
  3. Probably isn't going to change a thing, but it is worth a try. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/104349
  4. Went last night, Well worth the money and the wait. Only one joke that i have heard before, which was the male rape one. I also saw David Haye there.
  5. I got an Arizer Solo Vape, earlier this week. So far, I prefer it to smoking. Just cleaner in every way.
  6. Max keiser will be on ITV at 10pm talking about bitcoin and possibly litecoin. https://twitter.com/maxkeiser I put £250 in and I have almost double it in 24hr. Would have invested more than £250 if I wasn't going on holiday next month.
  7. I haven't looked to deep into selling yet, i was thinking of usind btc-e or bitbargain. By the time I do consider selling, there will probably better places to offload some LTC. I plan to hold onto my coins for at least 2 months, regardless of what happens, before i decide to sell. I looked into mining, but it sounded like my pc was about to explode. May have to look into cloud computing and mine some of the other "younger" coins. I'm a desktop analyst (IT support). On my week off, so got bored and got some coins.
  8. Here is a good site to track the other coins http://coinmarketcap.com/
  9. What wallet? Offline wallet? yeah an offline wallet. I got it from here https://litecoin.org/ I have encrypted it and backed it up in several location... usb stick, both internal hdd, sat nav and I might save it on the cloud somewhere.
  10. Just bought £250 worth, which would have got me 83 litecoins 2 weeks ago Only took me ten minutes to do as well. Make sure you transfer it to your wallet.
  11. I was going to buy it from here https://btc-e.com/ But I have no idea how reliable they are.
  12. I was, 2 weeks ago, when it was worth around 3 euros a coin. The only reason I didn't buy it, was because it was dropping fast. It went down to sub 3 euros in a day. It is now worth 16 euros a coin . two days ago it was around 9 euros. The only problem with litecoin, is that there is no where to spend it at the moment. Still kicking my self for not buying at 3 though.
  13. Are any of the One Piece movies worth watching? I'm at episode 405 and just wondering if I should watch all 10.
  14. Playstation 3 and Wii may be up later (9:01pm)
  15. Is Spartacus: blood and sand worth watching?
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