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  1. CurryMan

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Canelo Booky Meat for the weight gain incoming. / Kovalev gonna get worked.
  2. CurryMan

    Official Twitter Thread

    He had to swing but I think that is the worst aim I've ever seen.
  3. CurryMan

    Racism In Football

  4. CurryMan


    I ain't watching power for realism 😂😂 From 50 got shot.. locked in a burning building and still came back, I accept the show for what it was lol
  5. CurryMan


    last season was so poor....but these first 2 episodes have been very good. good development across the board. Wanna see more of grimy Tate
  6. CurryMan

    Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    codes have changed format so its probably something else now
  7. CurryMan

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    good fight. Campbell should get more plates after this. didn't get embarrassed at all...just Loma is a next kinda guy
  8. CurryMan

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    This fight is pretty good so far. Campbell doing better than i expected
  9. This is a better wrestling match tbh
  10. CurryMan

    uk-rap The OFFICIAL Giggs Thread

    best giggs ive heard in years
  11. CurryMan

    Summer Transfers 2019

    N'koudou gone besiktas Turkish league must be sick for retirement.
  12. Copped my tickets Moshpit on the kaze ni nare drop is needed. / Most people rolling copper box in the Saturday for the njpw event but I didn't get the good tickets in time. But that match makes up for it as long as they don't hold back because they got njpw the next day.
  13. CurryMan

    live The European Football Thread 2019/20

    Every league looking like this could be the best season for someone else to come through
  14. CurryMan

    The Joe Budden Podcast

    Bit too much outside shit...need to get to the essence again. Need Mal to be on form or it kills the vibe of the whole pod.