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  1. CurryMan

    The Video Thread part 2

    Yes.. surgery is cheap. All of them get fat grafts.
  2. CurryMan

    Married women

    you dont wanna be the guy breaking up a household. Some man turn to a next person when they find out. Aint worth dying over something like that. especially when there is kids involved.
  3. CurryMan

    1 Arda

    lol huh???
  4. sorry bro i dunno why i said long sleeve in my head i thought short sleeve
  5. black and wearing long sleeve? lol
  6. the goalkeeping was atrocious
  7. all about firing up just eat and food hygiene website side by side.
  8. I put robertson as capo this weeknd. but upon inspecting the trim i may reverse my decision.
  9. CurryMan

    FAO Liverpool fans - Jermaine Pennant

    that woman looks a cyborg. bare stiff
  10. CurryMan

    The Music Video Thread

    not gonna lie.. Theres a vibe going on in this video. very well done.
  11. CurryMan


    This Khadija woman is too mouthy / the kayode looks like ghetts and marcel from blazin squad combined
  12. CurryMan

    Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    need a iptv provider...talk to me people
  13. CurryMan

    Sweets and deserts/cakes etc

    its not hard like truffle. its quite chewy (well it should be...if its hard its old or stored too cold) ...and its not as chocolatey as you'd think but its mad rich coz of the condensed milk/.
  14. CurryMan

    Sweets and deserts/cakes etc

    pastal de nata. if you ever have a proper one from a good portuguese bakery its a madness. / Anyone here know about brigadeiro? not even a chocolate fan like that...but i can back these like there's no tomorrow.