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  1. lol the state of that belt. Hardcore belt without any hardcore matches. Shit
  2. Must be a work. He wrestled hangman page in Nottingham two days ago and said all that stuff. Either they're still gonna wrestle or PAC won and Jon moxley(Dean ambrose) will
  3. CurryMan

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    started early and roasted the guy within 2 rounds .
  4. CurryMan

    live The Cup Final Topic 2019

    what was the point. white washes ina final smh
  5. CurryMan

    uk-rap slowthai

    Mercury Award pending in the next 2 years
  6. CurryMan

    Brits Abroad - Footballers Playing Overseas

  7. CurryMan

    The Video Thread part 2

    mad mad mad lol
  8. Cody >>>___ Living the life Son of a legend Left WWE on own terms and felt like he was being misused. Built his own brand and has now managed to make this company that has the possiblity to Rival the company he worked for (financially and as number 1 brand) His wife is flames Respect has risen for this don. / Ric Flair hospitalised again / Ashley Massaro died at 39
  9. WWE going to BT Sport end of the year when Sky contract ends supposedly Surprising
  10. yes. he quickly unliked when he clocked people can see what hes liked. also people are starting to show that they do not care / https://twitter.com/itsLioRush cut off all WWE out his user name and bio and put booking information instead lol. Wrestlers had enough as well as the fans.
  11. WWE might end up being dun out ere Cody doing this for his pops
  12. CurryMan

    NBA 2018/2019 Season

    I would be as well. He should of never been able to make that shot and embiid had man shooting awkward.. but sometimes things are left to fate.
  13. CurryMan

    Jeremy Kyle

    About time. Jeremy Kyle a real life scumbag. Its funny coz i had recently watched a youtube doc regarding the same kinda thing happening in the 90s on Jenny Jones (american chat show)
  14. CurryMan

    NBA 2018/2019 Season

  15. I just finessed it Booked flights to valencia return for £275. Train tickets under 40 from valencia to madrid onlty couple hours journey using the brain meat