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  1. calling niggers niggas thugs >> / niggas was playing tables ladders and chairs backstage still, disappointed theres no mention of that in here tbhh
  2. he defo deserved it man said it himself ffs #rtm
  3. 9 times out of 10 ur a fassyhole, 10 times out of 10 u can eat a d*ck
  4. Kuffir


    But man's screaming "how do we know that's true" pmsl
  5. I doubt u even know what that post means fella Lol @ "how real this post" is like u know me lmao
  6. Definition of an avatar Enjoy ur day big man
  7. Kuffir


    Pmsl shout my nigga woke john
  8. Kuffir


    Ion think it should be noted that you said as long as she looks over sixteen. This topic is a good five years old but even so
  9. Kuffir


    This site is crazy uno
  10. Pmsl are u mad I don't think ur looking at context, social already in here talking wass that's entirely unrelated to what's happened Llow it
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