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  1. second viewing next week local, first on the list don't think i can turn this one down
  2. its always the shit areas / shout the daemons, no ones safe, ur kids aint safe
  3. generation rent 4tw
  4. badman shut this thread the fuck down skhe skhe skhe
  5. ion want no problems
  6. lolol man like ruger have seen this guy in the dance looking like the most friendly individual
  7. trust / has anyone seen this video of aunty running for her life during that vigil talking about london fields boys need to stop, acid attacks etc ?
  8. surprise surprise that bit in bold is the maddest thing ever
  9. jnkj;nkj
  10. done that he said suck your mum to me so lol @ clashing angle like its perfectly reasonable or whatever but the public has spoken jammer needs to put up the ps asap
  11. both were hard the competition aspect of grime >> both man raising the levs
  12. if shes a buffy thats the missus tbh
  13. if that aint the definition of making bad out of a good situation i dunno what is inflexible, stubborn, dinosaur lol if this season is peaker than last one, we about to tumble back into the dark years of 05-09
  14. terrible move that might not be so terrible depending on rose hunger for more, ability to adapt had both bright and dark spots as a knick last season, seeing him ignore the pass to porzingis in favour of melo made me think he's a d*ckhead as well
  15. fam had three piece of fruit and 500cl in the past hour but my stomach feels like i got cystic fibrosis