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  1. Work & Life

    Starting my last new job on Monday we tenk God
  2. General Boxing Thread

    On the one hand it's AB on the other hand that Vargas is nuttin special and AB potentially has the battery in his back (we've been here a thousand times) Ngl I slyly like AB Again this Vargas yout is not on
  3. Arsene Wenger Stepping Down!!

    Can finally start watching this sport again shit den
  4. Nines

    This album is delivering in a major way
  5. For those who question the struggle

    religion is a joke tbf one god one blood
  6. Nines

    I don't know where to look
  7. White women thread

    dhjash what is going on
  8. WWE Thread

    That Wrestle Kingdom always does bits on my timeline, but what's the likelihood of anything challenging WWE though lol, even some of their [bullet clubs] main stars defected eventually
  9. A complete list of plants

    its been a mad week still them p*ssy pxlace bitches confirming what anyone with two brain cells knows about radar puma getting corned left right and centre while complicit parties such as linkuptv and jd escape unscathed literally about three pieces on drill music a day, with hilarious urban dictionary type definitions and pictures of uk rappers (or sometimes just a random black on stage) mard mard mard
  10. WWE Thread

    So these man are obviously inspired by the kliq right? sorry for the washed reference, i aint watched this shit in over ten years but somehow this sucked me in. The athletics on display >>
  11. What happened last week JD ?
  12. proper shit show in here
  13. Sugar tax: anti-obesity measure takes effect today.

    strawberry mirinda and shani still standing strong
  14. NBA 2017-2018

    league pass getting copped for the playoffs