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  1. Pretty standard British summer, last year was just an anomaly.
  2. Why does this rhetoric always get brought up like say anybody claimed drill invented murder people are against the culture behind it. As if killing an innocent man and bragging on a track is something to defend.
  3. Neither the killing nor the bragging of it on a track was out of necessity they licked down a civilian just because they could not because they needed food in their fridge or clothing on their back so we can cancel the blaming of the environment and blame some of this on drill culture.
  4. Yet drill apologists are so gobsmacked on why there was a plot to ban it 'drill is the only way to make it out how can you take that away from them ?' such a lack of critical thinking to not see where its criticism comes from.
  5. Yeah can't lie, same energy should be kept.
  6. Always wonder how their parents react when called to the station. Is it just another day at the office or is she in a state of shock. Them signs there should be enough to pick up on and see what the underlying issue is.
  7. I'll believe the porn verification when i see it, i swear they been attempting this law for years i'm yet to see any of it surface. Even then i'll just stick with the underground joints such as shesfreaky.
  8. Oh they knew but ultimately who wants to trash their dead child to the public . Read they moved from Nottingham to london to for a 'fresh start' and he was part of a preventation programme obviously contradicts their innocent claim. Anyway wash, rinse, repeat if the killers are juveniles it's 15 years in these increasingly soft prisons (soon be no bars in cells and a suggestion of laptops in a few years) and back out with significantly decreased prospects upon release when in their mid to late thirties life really is disposable.
  9. https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/09/new-prisons-wont-bars-windows-feel-institutional-8324572/ Not gonna lie this is a bit mad give it a few years and they could be allowed laptops. I'm all for extra funding for employment opportunities upon release but proposing to have jails more hotel like is an utter insult to victims man ain't gonna pet to go pen at all. Remember there's homeless people and a man will be sent here for killing or raping someones mum, daughter, kid e.t.c What is the incentive to not comit a fukery pls apart from not being allowed to mingle with the public.
  10. Imagine pushing 40 years old laughing about a situation like that didnt even know the man. Could happen to anyone of us or our dad getting in a petty argument on a train.
  11. Failure to meet critical goals set earlier in the year can be awful as well. Sometimes nice to hear the corny new year new me rhetoric but gotta acknowledge life happens as well.
  12. Thought it was the guy going bop bop what kinda moist yute would get aggy about unprovoked man on woman violence.
  13. New driver here my first whip is manual and this mess is even more annoying than i remembered it in my lessons this is pointless in london can't stay in any gear above second for longer than 5 mins . Auto ting next without a doubt.
  14. Hear that fully not telling him how to feel just saying twitter is the master venting platform rarely does anything derive from it. Quite evident its only a rant from him lowing chip.
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