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  1. This level of heat only has a place on a Friday or Saturday long trying to sleep in this with work the next day.
  2. interestingly he had a muslim neighbour who he was on good terms with
  3. Was this really worth jail time? Bet if he was white it would be a suspended sentence or community service.
  4. Hearing kennington being mentioned a lot by people these days always assumed it was a decent area.
  5. It's always been about the controversy/ flashy lifestyle outside of that he is a terrible rapper.
  6. He's autistic which was probably seen as a a mitigating factor but then again the British justice system is soft af in most cases
  7. Rah was this intentional? Either way this is why people who glorify that life are disgusting it literally effects everybody who has the displeasure of living around them don't even have to be living certain way to fall victim.
  8. Part of the reason why they need to just allow more flexi and agile working hours for office workers (within limits) unless there is an important meeting or early morning deadline why do i need to be in for 9
  9. No evidence its terror related probably gang shit you know how excited man get when the weather warms up.
  11. Don carrying just waiting for someone to look at him certain way for an excuse to use it.
  12. Doubt the self harming is true.
  13. Then maybe he could of used his fists.
  14. ?The way this black genocide music is making its way to the mainstream can never be a good thing these yutes think its an achievement to live those bars in real life.
  15. Of course but 15 year olds killing each other this frequently (every other week) is a new phenomenon, at least within recent times. There is definitely a new breed of dysfunctional families and shit parenting contributing to this.