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  1. Realone2016

    Attack Outside Houses of Parliament

    He's Sudanese high possibility he was born muslim.
  2. Realone2016

    Attack Outside Houses of Parliament

    No l-plate on the car either, man was on stuff too early to say what though. Could of hit them accidentally then panicked due to the area knowing feds aint playing no games there.
  3. Realone2016

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Hate to be that guy but I remember the controversy caused when the police raided pure man in the run up to carni last year people claiming injustice when other events weren't policed as much..... probably silence from them now
  4. Realone2016

    #Heatwave 2018

    Mediocre still
  5. Realone2016

    Kanye West - "Slavery is a choice."

    Rah almost felt sorry for him there 😳
  6. Realone2016

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Giggs is just all about the money don't think gives a flying fuk about the negative side of music as long as it sells. This old school vid of him endorsing 11 year olds chatting hella fuckeries never sat well with me. Of course he would be on instant defence about drill and people making profit off youths promoting their drillings as that's exactly what got him famous.
  7. Realone2016

    #Heatwave 2018

    Difference between needed and wanted tbh not sure what the arguing is about.
  8. Realone2016

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    ^ This, there is at least some versatility amongst man like j hus etc its not all about ops and cheffing plus he ain't disguising his face to indicate that he is under investigation. With normal rap there is at least an element of hypotheticals you could even present an argument that its just music, almost impossible to do that with drill now.
  9. Realone2016

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Don't really like this narrative tbh it's not about asking for some saviour to stop this yutes killing eachother. Not one mention of our own governance i.e parents and their need to do a lot more. The amount of black yutes packing up the jails now is crazy and i'm not convinced that half their mums even care. Teach them to fukin do something with there life or just don't have any kids at all if the environment you feel you are currently in is that detrimental. Obviously everyone is different but the shame and embarrassment i personally felt after being arrested as a teen and my mum collecting me from the station was enough for me.
  10. Realone2016

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    ^ Potentially but there is only so much these yutes can rap about if all there environment consists of is council estates. Albeit there is a much better way of rapping about certain lifestyles than what has been popular since the 90s, reducing the glorification of black death/incarceration will help the culture. A lot of rappers have been saying for years they wanted to be more conscious but since its seen as boring by the masses....
  11. Realone2016

    Raheem Sterling

    All about intention akin to the line between murder and manslaughter.
  12. Realone2016

    Work & Life

    Yep truth be told i don't even acknowledge anyone's blackness within offices like that I've found that even having a black interviewer doesn't necessarily give you the upper hand either.
  13. Realone2016


    Been able to grow a decent goatee since 15 a decade later and there has been zero progress smh @ my follicles thinking my jawline is a hair free zone can i get a chin strap at least ffs.
  14. Realone2016

    One woman is 93, the other is 43.

    I'm not disputing black not cracking just said celebs aren't always an accurate benchmark to anything so we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to them since they have better resources. And yes there are exceptions not all look young and attractive . You man really are argumentative for the sake of it 🙄
  15. Realone2016

    One woman is 93, the other is 43.

    I agree with the black not cracking theory but obviously isn't an automatic thing. Using celebrities as benchmarks to aging is neither here nor there tbh in fact it's quite annoying. We talking about people with access to the best food, skin care, make up and minus the stress of working 40 hours a week which enables significant allowance for sleep which is a key factor in ageing.