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  1. That exposers voice is so jarring. Why even alter it?
  2. ⁸https://m.worldstarhiphop.com/android/video.php?v=wshhDIC31B9N59TXuRsp 🤣 SFW White deevs>_____ The type of shit you wont believe happens unless you saw it with your eyes
  3. Beginning to think boris is going to settle for am extension and blame the EU. Guy is a fraud. Time for Farage to step up
  4. 🤣🤣This ambush is a funny youth When he zoomed into that officers creps🤣
  5. Barnes is a certified uncle sambo. Defo on the payroll. Is he a Brudda or a token black guy?. The latter surely. I dont entertain these types
  6. Yeah cant stand them cunts. With there broken English. Coming with attitude when you order in costa coffee. The exact reason I voted brexit
  7. Boris better deliver . Dont wanna hear no extension talk Oct 31st. We was told that things will be better not exactly the same. That's what I voted for. So these counts better deliver. I am saying fuck WTO rules too. That's another elite establishment that's gonna end up dictating to us. We can sort out our own trade deals .
  8. Too many p*ssy holes playing the game wrong. The roads is just full of punks now. Big grown as man cant let the ting off on opp with sense. Goes and shoots himself. Cant blame the geezer for filming and laughing I will do the same. Some joke ting.
  9. One of the realest niggas that did it. Dripped in adidas in his frail age, like a true OG
  10. Who tells there mate they are carrying g a weapon?
  11. Another fake don that raps the ting but folds like a garden chair when it rains
  12. These man still wanna roll with the man dem, when they hit stardom. Hopefully his career is done. Too many fake p*ssy holes in this uk rap ting
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