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Guest Cousin Of Sleep

hiphop Victim Of Remy Ma shooting withdraws £20mil lawsuit..

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Guest Cousin Of Sleep
By Tai Saint LouisThe woman that Remy Ma is accused of shooting has withdrawn a $20 million dollar lawsuit against the rapper, according to reports. Makeda Barnes-Joseph filed the civil suit in December of 2007, claiming that Remy Ma, born Remy Smith, shot her twice in the abdomen during a dispute over $3000 dollars that was missing from the rapper’s purse. The shooting took place after Remy Ma accused Barnes-Joseph of stealing the cash, after a night of partying in Manhattan in July of 2007. Remy Ma, who was charged with assault and witness tampering in the case, is currently on trial for shooting Barnes-Joseph. Jurors in the trial heard directly from Barnes-Jospeh on Friday (March 14), when she took the stand, recounting the argument that lead up to her shooting. According to Barnes-Joseph, the argument took place in her car, after Remy Ma, jumped into Joseph's vehicle demanding to inspect the contents of her purse. Barnes-Joseph claims that Remy Ma shot her after she denied taking the money, refusing to empty her purse for Smith's inspection. Barnes-Joseph was shot in the stomach and was hospitalized for three weeks following the shooting, undergoing three separate surgeries. Barnes-Joseph's testimony supported that of friend Krystal Bolton, who testified about the first few minutes following the shooting earlier in the week. Remy Ma’s defense attorney, Ivan Fisher, maintains that the shooting was accidental. Remy Ma faces up to 25 years in prison if found guilty of the charges against her, including first degree assault. Barnes-Joseph has the option of refilling the lawsuit at a later date. She indicated that she may be awaiting the outcome of the trial before proceeding with the civil case.
Remy looks buff in the pic at the top alie? She'd get it there.Fo sho.

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