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grime Quick Interview...

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Interviewed By James Toone for http://www.2ne.co.ukTell everyone who you are, for those who don’t already know…I go by the name M.I.K (Musik Is Knowledge) I’m straight outta South-east London the gutter land but on a larger scale reppin the UK, I’ve been doing the music thing since like 2002 but seriously since 08/09 and I’m doing it purely for the love of it…Tell me a bit about your new mixtape, Workaholic…Well its my 1st proper release 21 tracks of real strong grime music for the real grime fans I hope it gives people an incite to my life cause I’ve put a lot of hard work into it…What goals have you set yourself for 2010?To release another mixtape that I’m already working on (Grime To Five) and just appeal to a wider audience. I would also like to push myself to experiment in new genres tooWhat genres would you like to try?Electro, breaks, drum n bass, trance, dance. Iv tried out these styles but I think if I push myself I can really work well under any genre. My main aim is to make energetic music, any genre I’m doing where someone is bouncing to it then iv succeededFunky is killing it at the moment across the UK, we have seen many grime mc’s moving to the genre. Would you consider a move?At the moment my hearts in grime music I respect what the funky scene is doing but yeah I’m grime all day maybe id do 1 just to promote myself more, be stupid not to take advantage of a good opportunity as its also good to support any young UK music genre which is doing so well in the sceneCan you see yourself releasing an album commercially?Yes eventually as I think I have something big to offer the listeners of the UK, and maybe world wide, lets see how far we can take grime!Urban music is often linked to knife and gun crime, do you think your music helps young mc’s, many without role models?I don’t try to influence people, it is up to them to make there own decisions right or wrong. I ultimately try to make energetic music that motivates people positively.Thanks for the interview, look out for M.I.K’s new mixtape out in stores now. Links below.http://www.ukrecordshop.com/item/mik-workaholic.htmlhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/MIK/58564044158?ref=tshttp://www.myspace.com/mrcrashbang

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