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Teflon N West

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I remember an old post you made in the UK Music thread where you said the UK Rap/Grime industry is doing to white girls what JD sports/Footlocker did to white teenagers in the 90's because of interest in another culture

What did you mean by that exactly? cos Rap/Grime is black culture no one can deny that but it's Inner City culture as much as it is black culture and the fact is cuz you can look this up but statistically more white people live in the inner city then blacks just based on the fact there is a higher population of whites in the world, the fact is there are white people who are poor that live in the hood just as there are suburban black people who are middle or upper class

Secondly wearing clothes that JD and Footlocker sell's is not black culture at all those brands were created by a white dude and were purchased by white people from day one, it's not black or white culture it's universal and that is a fact

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