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Game to close stores and Tesco, Asda go Pre-owned

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“247 job losses as chain shuts 12 GAMEs, six Gamestations and all 25 Debenhams concessions

The GAME Group has announced that it is to close 43 of its outlets owing to the “the tougher market conditions that it faces in 2010”.

In total, 12 GAME stores, six Gamestation stores and all 25 of its Debenhams concessions will cease trading. The result will be 247 redundancies. Most closures will be in situations where outlets are situated close to one another.”


“Trade body says “supermarkets have as much right to offer their customers a pre-owned option as anyone else”

The Entertainment Retailers Association has defended Tesco and Asda’s decision to take their first tentative steps into the pre-owned market.

“Given the size and success of the pre-owned market, it is only logical that existing games retailers are expanding into the pre-owned sector alongside their new games offering,” ERA director general Kim Bayley told MCV”

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