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Guest Waka Flocka Dave

Quick £45 If Your In London

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Guest Waka Flocka Dave

i signed up to this sh*t back in like 07, never been to one cos they dnt usually have sutin i qualify for, bt u lot in London should be able to go for this

u gotta do a pre-screen first, dnt know what theyre lookin for

just thought id pass it on

not sure if that link will produce fields with my info cos its looks like its generated for specific users, if so, just remember ive moved, any scams u try wnt work lol

Dear David,

We have sent you this e-mail because you registered with The Consumer

Directory to be notified about market research events, and if you own

your own home PC / Notebook / Netbook you might be interested in this


We are looking for 4 focus groups, each with 8 people of all

backgrounds, from tech-savvy to ordinary "non-geeks"!

The groups are taking place at 6:00pm and 8:00pm on Wednesday 2nd and

Thursday 3rd February, at a venue in Central London (W1).

The sessions last for 2 hours and there is a cash incentive of £45

for taking part.

If you are interested just click on this link

https://indiefield.net/s/aErZdwOp655g3w0SQwA-SOPwASEMQwV6XJPA and you

will be asked some screening questions. We will contact you for final

screening by phone if you fit the criteria for this project.

Project Reference


We will be delighted if you can take part, but if you can't help this

time, thank you anyway for taking the time to read this email.

We do try to keep you involved in our research events and I hope that

one of these days we will post the perfect event for you.

Indiefield is a professional recruitment and interviewing service - we

abide by the rules and Code of Conduct of the Market Research Society.

We assure you that this research is done in order to find out about

your opinions – it is in no way connected with selling and your name

is not passed on to anyone else, such as a supplier or manufacturer.

Yours Sincerely,

Noel Lyons

The Consumer Directory Team

T: +44 (0)20 8245 8000

F: +44 (0)20 8245 8080

The Indiefield Consumer Directory is a way of taking part in market

research studies. Signing up means you can be invited to participate

in research events and be rewarded for it.

Visit our website at www.indiefield.net today!

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