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Guest FA23

Royal Virility Beer

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Guest FA23


The limited-edition beverage has been rustled up using 'various well-known aphrodisiacs', according to its manufacturer.

These include chocolate, horny goat weed and ‘a healthy dose of sarcasm’ in addition to the famous blue pills.

Drinking three of the beers is apparently equivalent to taking one Viagra pill, with the bottles' label featuring the words 'Arise Prince Willy' and 'Celebrate Big Willy Style'.

'With this beer we want to take the wheels off the Royal Wedding bandwagon being jumped on by dozens of breweries; The Royal Virility Performance is the perfect antidote to all the hype,' BrewDog say on their website.

'A beer should be brewed with a purpose, not just because some toffs are getting married, so we created something at our brewery that will undermine those special-edition beers and other assorted seaside tat, whilst at the same time actually give the happy couple something extra on their big day.'

Despatched the day before the April 29 ceremony, Royal Virility Performance - a 7.5 per cent ABV India Pale Ale - is only available through the BrewDog website and costs £10 per bottle.

With just 1,000 bottles of the special brew set to be produced, a fifth of all proceeds will go to the charity Centrepoint, supported by Prince William.

'We put a bottle in a jiffy bag marked "Prince Willy, Buckingham Palace",' revealed James Watt, BrewDog's self-titled head of stuff. 'We sent it by Royal Mail as we presume they are most likely to know where he lives.

'As the bottle says, this is about consummation, not commemoration, so we hope he gets it.'


Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/861296-arise-prince-willy-viagra-beer-launched-to-mark-royal-wedding#ixzz1K4RmZSAt




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£10 for 1 bottle? White man ting.

Nah radio, White lads like me n u go for £1 Stella bottles

leave these extortionate dranks for the swagger dons

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