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J*Davey - who knows?

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^ The tune that got me into them. Think I heard it on a Gilles Peterson show randomly in my car back in like '06.

Dope duo from the West Coast. Kinda 'arthouse' in the way that Cassie wishes she was, but the beats are always super dope. Her voice ain't technically amazing, but she rides the track in a sexy/organic way, she doesn't sound forced. I suppose the best groups usually involve themselves in the creative process from start to finish, and bounce off each other - Aaliyah/Missy and Timbo being a good example.

The chick is sexy. The beats are slinky, the sh*t just works. In my mind it's Jack Davey (the chick) and some producer dude, I'mma go educate myself now because it's been like 6 years and I still can't say I know it :lol:

If you don't know, get to.

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