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Chris (Simpsons Artist) xox

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i have been lay in my garden curled up in a blanket listening to a thunder storm for a hour and i have just realised that it is people in my street taking their bins in. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox


really good fact of today: professor brian cox the desert prince with the cute short grey bob has the most gentle voice anyone in all of the world has ever heard and when people tell him that he has got a really gentle voice he always makes his bottom lip flop on to his chin and he says thank you to them without even moving any his face. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox


i am just lay on my neighbours front doorstep and i am pretending that i am a newborn so she will get a special sunday newborn surprise when she gets back home from the hospital soon because she nearly died again because she is dead old so it will really cheer her up when she sees me lay on her doorstep wrapped in my sheet from on my bed with my light grey swimming trunks on. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox



look who it is because it is the girls that everyone wants to be even dads and they are called the spice girls. i am having a draw of them because they are on the end of the olympics pop concert because it is the end of the olympics and i am really sad because i will miss all of the rowing that has been on my television for 16 days and when i was a little boy i loved the spice girls so much because they were always saying to each other i will tell you what i want what i want

and then child spice always said so tell me what you want what you want and then sport spice always said that she wanted a zigger and i am not quite sure what a zigger is but i think it is a type of tool that she needed to fix her sons car and then she does a massive back flip on a table and the other ones all run off screaming about shoes and sport spice is my best one because she is really good at skateboarding but i like them all the most and if one of them died then it just wouldnt be the same so i hope that they all die at the same time because that would be much better than just one of them dying so i just hope that they all die in a crash or something at exactly the same time because it will be much better and less sad i think and i hope that you like my picture that i gone and done of them and i hope that you think that it is really good as well and i hope that you are having a nice day. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox


i have not been at my house for 3 days because i was at a pop concert festival that i didnt even want to go to but my mum said that it will be good for me and i had quite a good time but i had quite a bit of some trouble for myself as well because i only tapped a old lady on the side of her face to see if she was real and then loads of people started coming over to me and touching my back and my a

rms and they kept on saying that i punched a old lady in the side of her face and i didnt because it was just a tap i swear and then she started falling over on to the ground and i tried to catch her and i didnt catch her quickly enough and it looked like i pushed her so hard on to the ground as well and i had to sit in a white tent for ages and there was 2 guards as well and i was pretending that i was in a film and i was saying i am not telling you nothing and i tried to spit like in a film as well but it just went on to my leg and then i had to sit in a mans car for ages as well and i didnt like it at all so i am glad to be back at my own house so i can talk to my friends and just relax myself loads and no one can say that i punched a old lady in the side of her face because i didnt because it was just a tap to see if she was even real and she was. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox


it is the time of the year that everyone calls olympics so i have made some really good olympics tips for you to use for yourself so that they can have the best olympics ever. and i am not really even sure if i like the olympics because it is a little bit rubbish really but i am going to have a watch of it any way because i like the man that has got metal legs and i like the thin gymnastics loads as well and i think that the obstacle courses will be really good to have a watch of as well but i think that everything else is going to be a bit rubbish but i hope that my really good olympics tips will be able to make you feel really more olympics for yourself so come on olympics you can do it get the golden one for gods sake or dont even bother. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox




get out of the way because it is a massive fight only joking it is just my picture that i gone and done of bat man and the idiot thief bane from the new black knight film that i saw in the pictures the other day with my mums friend from her work. i loved the film so much because of all of the fighting bits and the violent kicking and my best bit was when bat man was flying through the sky like a m

assive black crow but my best bit was when bat man kept on telling bane that he hated his mask and he was saying that it just looks really old fashioned and bane kept on saying that he hates bat mans helmet and then bane said that he is going to kill bat mans wife and children if he says anything about him again and then bat man went to say something but he didnt say anything because he just moved his mouth so it looked like he was saying you are really fat and he was laughing when he was doing it and it was making bane so mad and then bane put his tongue really slowly out of his mask so that bat man knew that he hated him so much and i liked the ending as well because it was really good when bat man woke up at the end of the film and it was all just a dream and he was actually a little boy and his mum came in to his room and she said what is wrong honey and he said nothing mum i was just dreaming that i was a bat and then his mum touched his face with 3 of her fingers and she said dont be silly you are not a bat you are just a 8 year old boy and then he said thank you mum in slow motion and then the film finished and i just went back to my house. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox



it is andy murray and he is the best scottish tennis player england has ever had. i dont really know a lot about him because he is quite mysterious and he is quite good but it is a bit sad that he doesnt know how to smile and he has only smiled once and it was a accident and he didnt even know that he was smiling because he was on his own at his house and he was thinking about how funny tasting is. i dont really know a lot about tennis as well but i know that it is mostly jus

t exactly the same as football but there is less people on the tennis pitch and they have rounded sticks instead of football shoes. my best thing that andy murray does is when he screams right on to a towel and the audience loves it because they always shout for him to scream on to a towel some more so he always does it because he wants them to really enjoy themselfs loads and he always shouts do you want me to scream on to this towel and he always holds the towel up and the audience all shout do it scream on to the towel so he does it more for them and everyone cheers and shouts towel. i hope that he is the main winner of the tennis match today because he might see his reflection of himself smiling in the trophy and it will be the first time that he has ever seen his smile before so come on tennis you idiot just hit it for gods sake. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox



if you want people to think that you know loads about football matches that is on the television just now then i have made some really good tips for you to use so people will think that you know about loads about football and all of the football players that are doing it. and dont be worried if you dont know what is happening because i think that most people just watch it for the massive kicks and all of the spitting anyway so it is fine and i hope that my really good football tips help you look like you know loads about football so people will like you more and some men will put their hands on your back. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox



it is ant and dec the 2 cousin teens that went and turned right in to 2 cousin men on everyones televisions. i like them both a lot and i liked it when they screamed at each other at the start of the beginning of the jungle and i like it when they are always having laughing at people and making fun of people when they are doing britain has got talent and it was really funny when the little boy was doing some tricks with a napkin and dec said that he was going to get him and a

nt said dont you will get in trouble but he said he was going to do it anyway because he is famous and he went up behind the little boy and he leaned right over him and he made a massive long bit of thick spit come out of his mouth and the little boy was still doing some tricks with a napkin and singing and then ant ran on and pushed decs head right down and shouted he is spitting on you he is spitting on you right in the boys face and the little boy got such a massive long bit of spit right down his top so it was all right down his back loads and it was so funny and the little boys mum was so shocked because she was just standing next to ant and dec a minute ago and she didnt even think that they would be doing something like that to her son and she said it was quite violent and frightening to watch but it was still good because she got to meet ant and dec from on her television. i think that it is a bit of a shame that dec doesnt know what bread tastes like but i think that it is really nice that ant tells him what it tasted like when he had some bits of bread in a shop when he was on holiday. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox







dont look behind the book case because you wont find anyone there at all only joking it is anne frank from the book anne franks book and she is the best at hiding ever and she is really funny as well. when i was at my school my teacher read me a book about when anne frank was little and she was hiding from a man because he said that he was going to kill her so much because she looked a bit french

and my best bit in her book that she gone and done was when she was showing her brother what she could do with her body and she was lying on the ground and she was making her body look really shivery and she couldnt stop laughing because it was so funny and her dad was saying for her to be quiet or she would get killed and she said that she doesnt even care anymore because she would rather die having a laugh with her brother and making her body look really shivery than die from someone else that she has never met before and i think that it is a shame that someone wanted to kill her loads because i dont think that anyone should be killed or strangled because someone doesnt like the way that they look or someone doesnt like what a other person believes in for themselfs. i tried to make her look like she is having a laugh with her brother and she is making her whole body and even her legs go all shivery because that is her best thing that she likes doing in the world and she even does it when she is on the bus to town as well and she even does it when she is eating her dinner as well to make everyone laugh loads to cheer them up. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox


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