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  1. SailorMoon

    "I don't allow black people into di club"

    Cos you ugly
  2. SailorMoon

    Anyone going to the olympics?

    Got tickets for the men's 100m final
  3. SailorMoon

    The Official Athletics Thread

  4. SailorMoon

    Kim Kardashian to File for Divorce

    How pathetic
  5. SailorMoon

    World Athletics Championships 2011 (pg4)

    KMT hate the false start rule Kim Collins gets a medal
  6. SailorMoon

    World Athletics Championships 2011 (pg4)

    Another false start Lol Kim Collins still sprinting
  7. SailorMoon

    World Athletics Championships 2011 (pg4)

    Ortis is out of his depth and there's too many ad breaks. Ohurougu disqualified in the heats! She needs to fix up
  8. SailorMoon


    QVC sell ithttp://www.qvcuk.com/ukqic/qvcapp.aspx/app.html/params.file.|frames|ClasFrameU050,html/walk.yah.UKHB~U050
  9. SailorMoon

    OFFICIAL Facebook/Random Topic

    it's Kesha and i'm not male
  10. SailorMoon

    Female ID

    She's a catalogue model from back in the day. Saw her coming out of Topshop many years ago, pretty in person too.
  11. SailorMoon

    when was the last time you used ur myspace?

    Tom's on twitter now http://twitter.com/myspacetom
  12. SailorMoon

    Jersey Shore

    So marga LOL @ ill be there in half hour "so ive waited a few hours - but ill give her a few more mins" Vinny man - should have aired her And go with the two girls instead. Romona looks like a tranny.
  13. SailorMoon

    Jersey Shore

    Vinny's girl Romona is so using him for tv time to be a known model.