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  1. Leaving this here. The world has been all sorts of fucked up since last there was any sort of vibrance here, hope the vipers are well and being treated with the respect they deserve, by life and everyone in it.
  2. Can you blame them right now? Arsenal is a shambles right now from top to bottom and you hate to see it.
  3. Please, what I've subjected myself to at the moment is too shit.
  4. I lost hope for a while, good to be back.
  5. PascalMoriarty

    FIFA 19

  6. What a dusty predicament. 1) She's going to spend it how she see's fit, so long as your childs looked after well, who cares. 2) If you're worried about the inequality, buy your own kid stuff in addition to the maintenance (no law against it), maybe it'll force the others to hot up their own fathers (if they're in the picture). 3) Really need to get to the point where something this dusty isn't considered an issue for just black people. Tilbury is evidence that this sort of behaviour isn't exclusive to blacks.
  7. I can't agree that the vipers and by extension the bite of this forum have become benign, I think activity concentrates on a select few topics. But I'd also be keen to understand what the mods/higher-ups have planned for maintaining the site or dare I say it, a push for new members...
  8. Made me spit coffee ffs, ruthless.
  9. PascalMoriarty


    Probably been covered, but why have the producers insisted on Tommy being a character who looks like he fell drunk through the clearance section of River Island. Elongated hoodies and shit, boybanded off, iss nor righ.
  10. Going to Ibiza in September for my boys 30th - first time there - any advice?
  11. Why do we accept that model? Wait two years for a season that'sonly sick for the last three episodes.
  12. Opinions on which stage of the competition these lot will go out? if at all?
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