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  1. If my teenage years taught me anything, its that you can slip anywhere that isn't home. Internet may blur the lines but there are dangerous people everywhere. There are guys in shropshire that would remove you of your goods while chewing pork scratchings.
  2. @Thizz what are the top ones bro?
  3. lol dunno how you can compare Sopranos and The Wire, both based on real places, to a show about a fantasy world?
  4. oi fuck that, i dont care if they've been put in a fucking castle. Its too little too late, wonderful that they'll be housed but what about the other 100+ lying dead in ash because of these cunts. Hope this doesn't shift the focus atorrrr
  5. Dusty Guy
  6. cant be real, i refuse to believe it,
  7. Received emails about it at work, couple of the older lot scoffed. I'm glad its happening tbh
  8. Jesus Man, wake up. Free at source education:- Doesn't matter that its free if theres no consistency across the quality of education provided to those unable to access paid for institutions. Healthcare: In a shoddier state than its ever been Housing: You're in a topic that is literally the best evidence that the housing being provided is substandard. For every point you raise the counter is that its not good enough, if you're going to provide any of the above with a view to improving the quality of life of those in need of it, then offering a poor service is counterproductive to your initial goal. You mention the German and the French as if to say someone poor in London gives two shits that they'd be worse off in France or Germany. On the one hand you claim to understand the points raised but in trying to evidence what it is you understand, display a clear misunderstanding of what we're ultimately trying to get at. I want more soapboxes if im honest, I want more people to stand up and make it known that being less well off isn't an excuse for the government to consider you subservient.
  9. NGL - the fact that this thread descends into these personal spats undermines the meaningful conversation thats been had. Mods need to start a topic for those who just want to chuck shit at each other.
  10. LBC in itself is just as selective as the others, they ask your opinion first before deciding whether it fits for you to go on. Whole things a sham, shouldn't be any pre qualification just throw them on air, would be more interesting.
  11. I don't know if you're being deliberately obtuse for the purpose of facilitating the debate further or if indeed you fail to miss the irony in what you're saying. The social change people want, is to not have to ask for basics like "sprinklers, fire alarms, non flammable cladding etc". They're asking that the safety of 650 people housed by the local authority and as a result in their care to an extent, not be an afterthought to ensuring the rich in the area have something decent to look at. Surely you can understand this, its frustrating that you keep asking.
  12. this. after a number of glasses i know its a myth, unless its been dragon stout.
  13. @Greens Blessings.
  14. Dunno why the vipers spent so much time on Brem, he is ignorant to his ignorance. That having come up from a deprived background didn't open his eyes to the realities of the class system within the united kingdom would identify him as likely of some intelligence, but not of insight. Time Bomb is a prime example of someone who gets it, any of us who's parents lived in council housing or still do, understand the struggle and how hard it is trying to come up out of an area rife with desperation and where most have had all hope beaten out of them anyway. But the difference is Time Bomb is appreciative of that time in his life it would seem, whereas Brem treats it with disdain. I'm happy my parents got us out of Peckham/Camberwell, into Dagenham and then into deeper Essex, they achieved that coming here with next to no education and not a penny in their pocket. But for all those who didn't make it out, they're victims of circumstance, they're still the women who looked out for us on the estate, still the families my mum would leave us with when she was working back to back night and day shifts, I'm no different to any of them. And this isn't the 90's anymore, that shit don't come easy. Brem i hope moving tax brackets has given you the self confidence you crave, but I'd encourage you to understand that you're alot closer to the guys in Grenfell, than the guys you currently rub shoulders with, and at any given time could find yourself back there. I hope you don't come across someone who feels its their duty to remind you of this in a more painful and embarrassing way, but then again maybe its what you need.