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  1. PascalMoriarty

    FIFA 19

  2. PascalMoriarty

    Baby mum splitting your money 3 ways with her other 2 children

    What a dusty predicament. 1) She's going to spend it how she see's fit, so long as your childs looked after well, who cares. 2) If you're worried about the inequality, buy your own kid stuff in addition to the maintenance (no law against it), maybe it'll force the others to hot up their own fathers (if they're in the picture). 3) Really need to get to the point where something this dusty isn't considered an issue for just black people. Tilbury is evidence that this sort of behaviour isn't exclusive to blacks.
  3. PascalMoriarty

    What's the plan for preserving VIP2?

    I can't agree that the vipers and by extension the bite of this forum have become benign, I think activity concentrates on a select few topics. But I'd also be keen to understand what the mods/higher-ups have planned for maintaining the site or dare I say it, a push for new members...
  4. PascalMoriarty

    Kim Kardashian

    Made me spit coffee ffs, ruthless.
  5. PascalMoriarty

    Obituary Thread

  6. PascalMoriarty


    Probably been covered, but why have the producers insisted on Tommy being a character who looks like he fell drunk through the clearance section of River Island. Elongated hoodies and shit, boybanded off, iss nor righ.
  7. PascalMoriarty


    Going to Ibiza in September for my boys 30th - first time there - any advice?
  8. PascalMoriarty


    Why do we accept that model? Wait two years for a season that'sonly sick for the last three episodes.
  9. PascalMoriarty

    Preliminary World Cup 2018 Squads

    Opinions on which stage of the competition these lot will go out? if at all?
  10. The Argentine forward selection is so disgusting.
  11. PascalMoriarty


    Sat in the barbershop - two ahead of me including the guy in the chair. This prat keeps stopping to take sips of tea, fully stopping the barber to drink tea. FFS
  12. PascalMoriarty


    Has anyone watched any of the Stephen documentary on BBC?
  13. PascalMoriarty

    Radar Radio halts broadcasting

    I dunno if I can agree wholly with the above ^ @Trap God . I definitely agree that its a privelege, but I don't see that because they are in a position of privilege in comparison to a large group of people also trying to get their foot in the door, that they shouldn't be compensated. Having spent a bit of time at the Radar studios prior to this all spilling out, its clear there's been a huge amount of investment, and for the sake of sustainability its important that everything is paid for, that includes staff. Not saying they should be chucking these lot stupid wages, but for those who are genuinely committing time, effort and helping build there, they should be compensated. At the point alot of these lot jumped on with Radar things were very very different financially. IMO if people were being paid it would force the owners into ensuring there was procedure/oversight - because its being ran like a youth club with a couple workers interspersed it likely doesn't give the impression of a professional environment that it should. Hence the deevs in the scene thinking it was a free for all.
  14. PascalMoriarty

    Arsene Wenger Stepping Down!!

    finally gonna be an interesting window this summer. New manager has to come in and be ruthless, heads need to roll.
  15. PascalMoriarty

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2