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  1. Out of curiosity, did she say she was slack with the pill or are you assuming?
  2. KayGee

    The Big C

    My brother - 18 years old Both Granddads and One Grandma Stay strong.
  3. KayGee

    The Gym Topic

    I front squat heavy with a clean (hooked) grip. The higher you can keep your elbows the better so its best to just work on that flexibility, do lots of stretching in the rack position.
  4. KayGee

    The Gym Topic

    I have the later every time I do heavy legs once a week, I've had alot of lower body injuries mind you, and I play basketball at least twice a week,The doms I get are beyond ridiculous,trian past the pain, I can hardly walk down the steps to get into my gym Have you tried foam rolling?
  5. KayGee

    The Gym Topic

    There's sore and then there's can't sit on the toilet or walk down the stairs kind of pain. The latter shouldn't be regular but you have to train through sore legs, once you're warm it's fine.
  6. KayGee

    The Gym Topic

    Squatting is vital and 3x a week is good, back-front-overhead.
  7. KayGee

    Rating Chicks

    Excellent physique. And that's fake tan on her feet btw.
  8. KayGee

    Rating Chicks

    She looks like she trains, not necessarily to change anything but to keep tip top. Thats a beautiful woman, some of the things you lot are scared of baffle me. If's, but's and maybes'.
  9. I don't trust people who have such outrageous opinions.
  10. Faze do you make your own paste? If so share please.
  11. You can eat good in Nando's now.. Thighs, Sweet Potato, Peas and Halloumi.
  12. Not everyone has the same texture hair and that can be the difference between manageable and a nightmare. If we're talking about females having their hair OUT and not just pulled back then its never going to be as simple as to comb through and go.
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