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  1. 50 cent

    Good to see g unit been re United fresh start
  2. Malcom glazier passed away
  3. And Vip2 didn't care

    Didn't know her but will pay my respects to her as she was a well respected black woman R.I.P black beauty
  4. Forum moving slow???

    Slow for me today
  5. Forum moving slow???

    Slow for me today
  6. Vilanova steps down as Barcelona manager

  7. ghostwriting

    I wanna know who use to ghostwrite for Dr Dre
  8. Differences between black and white people

    White people r infuriated by black men taking there women Black people r mad that they always stopped by police. White people r mad that it's cool to be black Black people r mad that white people r more secure
  9. 50 cent

    G Unit don't exist anymore they have departed
  10. Castillo the only boxer in the first fight who deserved the Victor over Floyd

    RIP Bob u played a good a role model in the movies game
  12. Liverpool fans will will be crying alone tonight
  13. PFA Player of the Year and Young Player Of The Year Nominations

    Why lol @ Gerrard been instrumental in Liverpool's success this season.
  14. Pacquiao vs Bradley Jr Live Streaming Online

    Lol shut up and go hang yourself was a decent fight
  15. the burka trick to hide identity

    I voted not allowed to be worn in school