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  1. nyeleman

    Grooming for Men

    Just copped this and already a week in and the skin on my face feels as soft as cashmere rug. I will never use a face cloth ever again after discovering this
  2. This is amateurish This is like that Colin Powell conference at the UN where he justified the Iraq invasion by intercepting a call between Iraqi's officers saying to hide the nukes. The russian FSB are not a joke if they truly shot down that plane the would not be making calls, even the local drug dealers know that you don't speak on the phone so flagrantly. I say its the Ukranians that shot down that plane to escalate this situation and put heat on the russians.
  3. nyeleman

    no words

    LOL so he got catfished or lochnessed in the case of these beast and she got mad and cried rape hehe. This is why you cannot trust these pof or tinder women , she probably took a selfie from above and turned her head to hide the double chin. Its happened to me before and sometimes a hasty retreat can come back to bite you in the ass. The thing with rape is not what happened its what you can prove happened or did not happen. I don't take chances anymore regardless of how much I cannot stand a woman I always try to make the break up seem respectable . Even if the woman looks like Vigo , you have to make them feel like beyonce so that you don't get that 4am knock at the door from the police because you told her to kill herself and die
  4. nyeleman

    The Mental Health Thread

    bi-polar is very real g.. the f*ck you talking bout? prove it exists then Maybe you are no aware of how a lot of these psychological diseases are classified but a lot of if is based on pseudoscience opinions not facts. Being bipolar is something all animals go through , I can go from a state of happiness to sadness in 10 minutes does that make me bipolar if so who decides if I am bipolar? If someone asked me to prove a disease like malaria exists I would easily point to the plasmodium parasite and how it affects the body but if you said someone is bipolar can you prove to me by showing a set pattern or same body chemical compositions imbalance. Bipolar is nothing but spoilt brats who cannot control themselves and the fact they are told its not their fault. Bipolar or all these funny mentall illnesses are actually an insult to people with real mental issues
  5. nyeleman

    Grooming for Men

    I just dab african organic shea butter,
  6. nyeleman

    The Mental Health Thread

    I agree some of these mental illnesses today are some made up shit . Shit like dyslexia , back in day that was called a slow dumb person now . Even homosexuality was that not a mental illness now all of a sudden its supposed to be normal. Back in the days of slavery , slave masters created a mental disorder of anytime a black slave escaped or rebelled he was said to have Drapetomania. Even Autism the definition or spectrum on what makes someone autistic changes all time usually to accomodate a crazy white mass murderer's profile . Things like bipolar cannot be real, I think its just an excuse for people that cannot control their emotions and do not want to take responsibility for their actions. My ex was allegedly bipolar and the shit i went through with her almost broke my spirit and soul , anytime she messed up she would blame on meds and her bipolar but reality this wench was a whore from babylon
  7. BBC 1 xtra is a white establishment so their opinion is null and void. 1xtra was set up to capitalise and control urban music and even though its fronted as a black station , its nothing but another corporate tool to exploit black culture using black employee's /dj's. Opinions are like assholes and assholes like the bbc 1xtra are full of shit, they are simply trying to overrate one of their own. If he is so influential on black and urban music stop any black person and street to name 5 of his songs. This is the shit with these radio or media outlets if you let them dictate
  8. There needs to be some kind of enterprise law or some american rico type law that not only jails pedophiles but also jails people who people around them who were complacent. For example with Jimmy saville even though that fool is dead people around him should be jailed for not speaking up for his crimes . People like Jimmy saville flourish because they are surrounded
  9. nyeleman

    This is how they get down in Maga!!!!!!!!! (NSFW)

    She will probably turn into a victim feminist, I have seen the life cycle of most of the ho's . They do something whorish then when caught they will play victim and probably try to press charges on the men for taking advantage of then. She will then be a champion for womens rights and become an angry middle class feminist who despises of men .
  10. nyeleman


    These 2 beauties is going to get my barber bankrupt, only £15 and £40 from amazon and gets that close shave. saves paying £10 every 2 weeks
  11. It should be the first step but not the only step. One of my favourite books on the topic of education is the book called 'Miseducation of the Negro' , I urge every black person to read this book. Even though its aimed at african americans it applies to any black person living within any system where they are seen as the enemy. to sum up what the book entails education is a system that does not teach you the basics instead it focuses on teaching you irrelevant things which give you worthless certificates to prop up your self esteem but not give you actual benefits. My degree is Law and for 3 years I was taught shit that did not even help me one bit in life if anything my survival today comes from my own skills I learnt by myself . To be educated makes you a good worker but the ultimate goal should be to own your own that way you can control and not suffer from glass ceilings which any black person or other ethnic will encounter regardless. The biggest country that creates millionaires in africa right now is Ethiopia and most of the millionaires there have very little to no education just good entrepreneurship skills. If education was a factor ask yourself how much the average east asian or chinese takeway fattening the english public makes in contrast with the average black graduate with a long list of qualifications
  12. This really should not be celebrated because regardless how educated or how black kids succeed they still can be disenfranchised . If hard work and academic excellence was a measure of success most black people would be at the top. You can be the smartest but translating that to success in the workplace is like negotiation a room full of perilous vipers. Black youths should focus more on building an economic base and starting their own businesses. I know a lot of black graduates who despite excellent academics they have ended up wearing headsets in inbound and outbound call centres. You can be the smartest but once you go for that interview you will get the same rejection letters saying you are not the 'fit' the company is looking for . We need to celebrate starting our own businesses not having a degree and masters but ending up at some job for GCSE school leavers. The oyinbo's get salty at black excellence because most of their self esteem is based on their ideas that black people are inferior so despite these results most of these oyinbos will throw salt at you at work or job interviews. I see it at work all the time where you have to be twice as good to get half the recognition due to the unconscious bias towards us.
  13. Watch how the press will ignore England display of below average football and focus on Suarez on tomorrow's papers
  14. The berbere sauce and tibs is something straight from the gods , Ethiopian food is the business like most african cuisine but that whole lets eat with hands as a group is probably why villages are wiped out with diseases. Because for all you know Abdi was scratching hidden places and dips his hand in the same soup you are eating with some crusty fingernails . Expand your palate have some other african food like 'Poison braise' , 'nyama irio' or 'muamba de galinha
  15. I cannot wait til the excuses come along, I bet its the good ol its the foreigners in the premier league making english players rubbish