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  1. Salamanca

    Waffles.fm and What.cd invite

    I've invited bare guys on here to waffles. 90% have been shit users that just download bare and then never use the account again PM me if you want an invite.
  2. Salamanca


    I rooted my OnePlusOne. The phone is rapid, I'm also on the latest Android 6.0.1 Also, flashing adaway.zip through twrp = never seeing ads on my phone again.
  3. Salamanca

    Radamel Falcao García Zárate

    Bumpety bump.
  4. Salamanca

    Hatton Garden Diamond Heist

    they've still yet to catch the people that done the brent cross move
  5. Salamanca

    Itinerary For Linkages

    this guy is a bot from eharmony. I'm convinced.
  6. Salamanca

    Radamel Falcao García Zárate

    fwiw. he wouldn't work in the prem. i'd bet money on it.
  7. Salamanca

    Rating Chicks

    some abra to alakazam transformation
  8. Salamanca


    how clapped are you
  9. Salamanca

    Old Consoles pause

    Loads of us copped off necksta back in the day. Chipped Xbox elite? Black one. That was a good day Back when life was just having fun and banging out games with ur bredrins, before all this rent and mortgage bullshit. / That PC arcade is MAD. I wanna build a MAME cabinet.
  10. man u's best signing imo
  11. Salamanca

    Top 50 Players In The Football League 2015

    bamford is a baller tbf. @ mccormack. fuck off.
  12. Last Active OFFLINE Today, 03:52 AM man's stressing out
  13. Salamanca

    How old are you?

    i remember everyone on here being 19-21. fucked up. i hate growing up.
  14. Salamanca

    why are these criminals so dumb & love to stunt?

    :rofl: / elementalism you need new hobbies brah