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    Jessie J

    Loving the cover that she did of Naked and Famous 'Young Blood' on Radio 1 Live Lounge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDrXMbAGRjc
  2. sent by: @NoelClarke Dear @pepsi I'm gonna make a drink called Depsi Coola is that okay? or is it brand infringement? http://twitter.com/#!/NoelClarke/status/40797345922809856 sent by: @NoelClarke Dear @McDonalds i'm starting a burger chain called McDoonalds, is that okay? or is that brand infringement? http://twitter.com/#!/NoelClarke/status/40803639165587456 in response to this users comment @wadey44 http://twitter.com/#!/wadey44/status/40804926951129088 sent by: @NoelClarke @wadey44 Weirdly. if i can prove it was inspired by my brand. There is an infringement although not a copyright breach. i have 6 years 2 sue http://twitter.com/#!/NoelClarke/status/40805707578212352 sent by: @NoelClarke Big love to everyone making original concept UK films #keepmoving http://twitter.com/#!/NoelClarke/status/40815143180828672 sent by: @realadamdeacon ok im being told about all these subliminal msgs from certain people on twitter 2day again loool i seriously gotta laugh rite now http://twitter.com/#!/realadamdeacon/status/40816985486921728 sent by: @realadamdeacon but for the record let me make it clear for people anuvahood is an original film it is called anuvahood for many reasons you know that http://twitter.com/#!/realadamdeacon/status/40817842475499520 sent by: @realadamdeacon all i'm saying is if it's not clear go see anuvahood march 18th and you will see what I mean #originalandveryauthentic http://twitter.com/#!/realadamdeacon/status/40819737877291008 sent by: @realadamdeacon real recognise real n that's a fact i'm just about entertaining the people n that's it!.. plus make real films n get paid correctly for them http://twitter.com/#!/realadamdeacon/status/40821337853272064 sent by: @NoelClarke wow talking bout getting paid correct when most payment has either come from or because of me. http://twitter.com/#!/NoelClarke/status/40823526055223296 sent by: @NoelClarke And of course i'm not real. i'm a family man. #notagangster but running mouth online is waste, we're bigger than that, see u when i see u. http://twitter.com/#!/NoelClarke/status/40824631904436224 sent by: @realadamdeacon ive been acting since i was 12 nobody made me i got here by working hard and working well if someone hooks u up say thank you n be loyal http://twitter.com/#!/realadamdeacon/status/40832048386162688 sent by: @realadamdeacon but dont let someone take your loyalty and friendship for a weakness thats not on..anyone who remembers the bafta days should know im loyal http://twitter.com/#!/realadamdeacon/status/40832391815770112 sent by: @realadamdeacon and anyone that lives in a big west ldn kensington yard while im living in a hackney council estate can not tell me what moves to make http://twitter.com/#!/realadamdeacon/status/40832677640810496 sent by: @realadamdeacon people should allow this publicity ting on twiiter if u wanna meet you've got my number i aint changed it http://twitter.com/#!/realadamdeacon/status/40833195838672896 sent by: @NoelClarke Memory loss is a bad thing. http://twitter.com/#!/NoelClarke/status/40833991166787584 sent by: @NoelClarke wow I deleted my tweets but you carry on. Done.... i'll text you now. http://twitter.com/#!/NoelClarke/status/40836210515640321 sent by: @NoelClarke Stop running ur mouth, I'm not running my mouth about you. you just said stop being public. Said u got same number. i've texted, lets do it. http://twitter.com/#!/NoelClarke/status/40840527309967360
  3. wow, lots of subliminals goin down right now from noel clarke and adam deacon about that anuvahood film
  4. Negged.???i didn't want it to turn into some next convo of oh where do i know you from, are you so and so from such and suchplus i don't want some random person having my name and numberfeels weird to me
  5. Thats not random thats just mistaken identityok, my badedit: i swear a lot of the previous posts have also been a case of mistaken identity too though
  6. i just got a random text the other day actuallythe message said:hi hameed its seema here. i spoke 2 u bou canada a while bk. ive got all the documentation sorted and cn get payment. bt need 2 cntct rpsgb 4 proof of license and uni. cn i do that after ive sent off the paperwork?i don't know who hameed or seema is, i text them saying they got the wrong numberthey text me again asking who i was, i just text bac saying you don't need to know who it is just know its not hameedwas so random
  7. lolwas it waterproof too?
  8. LMAO this topic is jokesi gEt socks all the time at christmas...and pyjamas and underwear and that kinda stuff. i don't mind tbh, as long as i still get a good main presentlol @ the office chairi think the worst presents i get are from my grandma, she likes to do all that craft stuff and she always sends me jewellery that she's made herself from like beads and wire and stuffit's a nice thought, but i'll never wear [email protected] charlie chalk: don't worry my friend's dad also brought her and her sisters pringles for christmas, not even one each just one tube to share. LMAO! the plainface she has when she tells that story always cracks me up.
  9. violet

    Corrective Rape

    i remember when this was done beforebut i don't remember the story about that woman's daughters getting raped because their mum was a lesbianthat is so f*cked up, i swear she said they were 13, whats wrong with people?!!!
  10. violet

    FAO:- VIP2 Ladies...

    Kurt GeigerKurt Geiger sale pagemy friend just got me these for my birthday and i was so happy
  11. people love to throw around phrases these daysits not temporary insanity, its just angerthis person deceived you and made you feel a fool, now your angry
  12. so you think that this person might want to harm you, you don't actually know but you think it's a possibility...so you kill them, that makes sense to you???
  13. hit the nail on the head tbhcan't just be killing people because you're angry, that's not a fair defence
  14. violet


    well its only worth the stress if you actually liked the girlif you just wanted to bang then just bang the friend
  15. violet


    i know i'm not a guy put i thought i'd put my two cents anyway...just tell her that you like her and not her friendif you're right and she really did like youthen her pressuring you to go with her friend is probaby just a manifestation of her trying to convince herself that shes ok with ityou still have a chance, depending on whether her friend likes you a lot and how loyal she is to said friendunless of course the situation was that she sensed you liked her, but didn't like you, so tried to pass you on to the friend
  16. omg! i can't believe he took out her eye! and her boyfriend is an a**hole, how could he just leave her?the guy has a paper clip, you are in your flat... get a knife!!!or even if you really feel that you can't stay in the flat with a madman, at least leave together, its not like you have to go that far to get help!this story reminds me of when i watched kill bill and she took out that mans eyeactually made my eyes feel funny!
  17. wow this whole topic comes like an episode of eastenders
  18. tbh i don't even think its a thing where newcomers get picked on or somethingthat never happened to me when i was newi just think it's a thing that happens to people that bring unnecessary or negative attention to themselves, if you annoy other users or if people think you chat shitit doesn't realy matter whether you are new or olddisclaimer: i am not trying to say that i think those things about you, just telling you my generam observation of the way the forum operates
  19. I swear she grew up in a maisonnette in plaistowedit: actually i suppose that doesn't make her streetsmart or savvyexcuse the irrelevance
  20. even if they are white versions of the same doll, none of them imo would/does/show/imply any kind of racial connotations towards whites/hispanics etc except the black one. I think that what he was trying to get at is that if there were other races of the doll then it is less likely that there was intended racismobviously it's understandable why people may still find the black doll offensive considering the connotationsbut it is less likely that the people that made the dolls had actually made the connection themselves
  21. I remember reading this topic, that girl is such a bitch!how can you have the guy thinking that everything in the relationship is fine and dandy when clearly your feelings towards him are changingthem ones where she didn't even try and communicate to him that they she felt there were problems in the relationship, she just gave uphow you can do that after being with someone for 4 years i do not know, surely you at least owe it to that person to tell them what is going oni agree with what skola is saying, from time that she felt that she was no longer committed to making the relationship work then she should of just broken it offit shouldn't have anything to do with whether she's sure she wants to be with that next guy, it should be about how she feels about the one she is withnext guy or no next guy, from time she felt that their relationship was no longer working for her she should have let him know the deal
  22. apparently when i straighten my hair i look asian to some people
  23. 21 and yesi decided to live at home whilst at uni, works out pretty good since my uni is only 3 stops away on the traindon't plan to move out in a hurry, not sure if i want to be renting tbh, would rather just save that money till i can afford my own place
  24. i'm a scorpiodon't really beleive in the horoscopes and that stuffbut the personality traits seem somewhat accurate
  25. LOLits emotionalsome next rivalsbigger than macz vs living ledgenot evenhis a baby that keeps getting beat and wont leave me aloneits annoying for me, but emmotional for himprobably has nightmares where his walking dwn a corridor and just recieving bare throws, from bare different coloured ryusnah i'm actually crackin up, do u hear this guyyur crapu button bashu do the same thing all the time u dn't use combosu only win becuz of lagu only throw and fly kickthis is all crap, cuz no one can win if all of the above are true, the above is like sumone who picked up the game yesterdayyet i beat him consistently for the most part with ease (depending if i play the right person as regards to his playing)i've beat him perfect several timesmy girl gave him a perfect (i allow cuz shes quite decent now)when on top form i can beat him like 4/5 times in a row EASYseriously from this moment on, i refuse to acknowledge useriously.... i dn't want people to think this is actually some sort of rivalry when its just the wimperrings of a soar SOAR loser
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