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  1. anyone know any sport centre jobs going, need pointing in the right direction? don't mind reception just wanna get my foot in the door, so then i can teach... any links? safe
  2. ipod touch. 3rd gen. 32gb. hardly used, no scratchs. pms
  3. Yeah i got a WOOLRICH Parka in Black, size Small that i aint worn. Keep meaning to put it on the bay. Any one intrested?
  4. Thank you, dLoading now and will give it a listen. I need some reggae mixes, what you gots? .. p.m
  5. Really need some help. i want to upgrade my MacBook pro 10.4 to 10.6.3 ive looked into buying the software £135. i need a way around it. ive seen a few links but don't wanna mess it right up. anyone know how to go about it, or got instructions? much appreciated.
  6. any snow leopard mac software hook ups?? please
  7. lowkey is a big artist and killed him off, im glad too i cant stand that muppet. chipmunk's twitter is saying The power is not in what you say... It's what you don't say. about 2 hours ago via web
  8. watchd this last nite, Kemoy is live, was a shame that she fell pregnant. Turbulence smashed it and his weight gain made him sexy, an him pulling up the bike - fiyah foolish Ice - how can sumfest be there first performance. One string stole the show for me tbh.
  9. Glutamic acid i think not sure if that is what its called, but its becoming more popular in food to help reduce our salt intake. / i like marmite, its not to be eaten on its own coz yh then it is nasty.
  10. Mist

    more tv's

    wheres the blackberry? up a pic or summin'
  11. I refreshed my browser and still i see no edit these jordans are siick, but prefer them in black n white. let me know where you find em'
  12. Mist


    i also want to do this what did the trip cost you/where did you stay/how long etc? i paid to volunteer over there so i was in rio for 6 weeks stayed in an area called santa teresa, it's not that close to the beach, can walk to flamengo beach in 30 minutes, it's on the mountain/hill and is really hippy/arty/cobbled streets. everyone smokes weed and has dreadlocks and sh*t up there. i went from like 17th august-30 sep and my flight was 470, but i was just outside of the peak zone. when i was checking prices in july flights at the end of that month/august were over �800.... i'm going again from around 22 may-13 july and the average flight price is 570, but i've seen some for 470. www.farecompare.com is a good website Ah you did the paid volunteer thing. I was gonna do that but got put off by the cost. Was it worth it? Sick, thanks for that. The volunteering thing I did is now £700 but includes accomodation it's definately worth it, i didnt actually want to leave brazil, i could have easily stayed there for months and months the good thing with the volunteering is 1) you stay in a house with other volunteers, so you're never alone 2) the volunteering is really fun, and the places/people you can volunteer with is really varied 3) the volunteering i did includes a week of portuguese lessons (20 hours) because people in brazil do not speak english (no one told me this when i arrived, and i was so f*ck*ng unprepared, couldnt even go out by myself because no one could understand me) 4) you dont feel the need to do touristy sh*t everyday. you basically become a brazilian, and just live your life in rio 5) you dont volunteer everyday, everyone did probably 2 afternoons a week lol some just didnt even bother going in to volunteer 6) you get settled and meet loads of other foreigners and local brazilians. everyone is seriously so beyond nice 7) a decent hostel in rio costs $R30-40 a night in the nicer areas (which is where you basically have to stay). Over a month you could spend R$900 (£300), which is cheaper than volunteering but then you're in some hostel with a bunch of randoms coming and leaving everyday been looking to do something like this, lol thought you'd ave to volunteer more time. what organisation did you use? Sub Zero : c/s thailand being siick, i spent about 2 months all over the place. went there with very little funds, stayed in hostels £2/£3 a nite in some cases and food at the local places was just 25/50p no joke, some of the best food ive had tbh. Pictures bring back bare memories, i hated the elephants thou, one tried to chuck me off, while walking on the edge of a cliff.... i jumped stright off
  13. not serious, should not be allowed.
  14. siick... alot to live up to tho plus the time its taken, hope its worth it.
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