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  1. Yeah I'm shaking in my boots mate Fucking spaz
  2. Suck your dead gran you fucking autistic British Caucasian wog socket loving cut
  3. Man would have caught a swift bang to his jawside before he could even finish the sentence tbh
  4. Don't address me again until u learn how to spell. Slag
  5. Achilles Tendon? Confined? Use a f*ck*ng spell check next time cos this is the second time I have seen u make a mess of trying to spell a tricky word and it's pissing me off
  6. s.p

    Pictures of Liz!

    And i never come here. Neg.
  7. s.p

    Rinse:12 - Kismet

    This might be the first one of these that I actually buy!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXvUyNit-OY
  9. Banger, this should of been on my "deeper than funky" best of 09 cd, but jus didnt have the room to fit it in Check another tune from soul purpose called Homage, again wanted to put that on there too but no room. Im lovin all this new house thats comin like old skool garage. Old skool style with new skool sounds! Co-sign to the fullest!!!
  10. s.p

    Track id

    bump cos I really need to find this tune
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