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  1. FUUUUUUUUUU Effortless floating on the track. Max the GAWD. Plus, he brings out the best in French. They're not even in the studio together physically.
  2. Jimmy is 2 for 2. El Capo >>> Another album coming before 2019 is done. Best in the camp. Imagine that.
  3. Cousin moved there about 5 years ago, he's living fucking life. He brings value so they treat him well. Cake to the ceiling and he's getting married out there. When he was a bachelor tho... fack. I joined in with the FUCKERY my guy.
  4. WOW! I Didn’t stay up for this. I should of though I get the feeling he wasn’t focused at all.
  5. Better. Wilder/Haymon have proper c*ck blocked ⏸ AJ/Matchroom AJ was chatting about sit downs with Fury yesterday I swear 😩
  6. Wavant


    Gonna try and catch this.
  7. My G has not lost a step. Song is clear.
  8. God has finally stopped smiling on us.
  9. Wavant

    Game Of Thrones

    I feel unfulfilled.
  10. Monster winning the whole thing. Wilder’s power is not normal at alllll. That was so CLEAN.
  11. Wavant

    Jeremy Kyle

    Used to chat to a girl who worked on that show. Shit's a maaza tbh. She had to leave.
  12. Wavant

    Game Of Thrones

    I liked this episode. Dany went HAM.
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