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  1. Wavant

    House of Cards

    It’s back.
  2. Wavant

    Is this John Doe ?

  3. Wavant

    mufc Marouane Fellaini

  4. Wavant

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Watch the outrage.
  5. Wavant

    Radio 1 Rap Show - New Host....

  6. 😩😩😩 One don of mine ain’t bothered with shit yet, do you know how tedious it is planning holidays with this guy? Fuck. After a while the rest of just don’t bother including him in plans. I bants my girl. As a former freshie she gets it from me but she knew she had to do it. That little burgundy book is a damn near cheat code.
  7. Wavant

    boxing Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder - 1st Dec

    😁😁😁 init
  8. Kim Thaidashian. 😁😩😁😩😁😩
  9. Wavant

    President Donald Trump Thread

    He’s a proper clown.
  10. Wavant


    Was creasing. The girl threw him under the bus and he came out of mode 😁. At this stage it was the right decision tbh, bare waffle. Every episode I cringe. Didn’t realise how well Jasmine is spread ya kna. Them hips 🚧
  11. Wavant

    Official Twitter Thread

    My goodness. RIP.
  12. Wavant

    mufc Marouane Fellaini

    Fam. What is the point kmt
  13. Wavant

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    I like Mikey but there are other avenues to greatness. Spence is gonna press him hard.
  14. Wavant

    Official Twitter Thread

    Been wanting to chop Jill from early. That warm beat.