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  1. Wavant

    The Watch thread

    Aqua Master. Jesus.
  2. Wavant


    Who is the girl?
  3. Wavant

    UK/London Street Style of Yesteryear

    Niggas been hating on me since 9, shining with suede motherfucking Bally's on and silks Ohhh weeeeeee
  4. Wavant

    Sexual Bucket Lists

    Them videos LOL Bloody hell.
  5. Wavant

    Sexual Bucket Lists

    I cant give those types the time of day tbh. Personally I don't want them near me. *beats chest* I am a man.
  6. Wavant

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Being on the verge to fight GGG to being on the undercard of the don who clinic'ed you. Maaza.
  7. Wavant

    The Music Video Thread

    RA and Chicken Connoisseur had me laughing man 😁😁
  8. Wavant

    United States of Brutality

    The more I've read about this, the more sick I've felt. There's incompetence everywhere - DPD, Rangers, judges Guys aren't safe in their own home.
  9. Wavant


    Need moarrrr
  10. Wavant

    Good Fish & Chips

    😁😁 Leave us alone / Cornish Pasties >>> Argh
  11. Wavant

    Official Twitter Thread

  12. Wavant

    New Season Kits

    Kit is COLD. 🌬
  13. Wavant

    Lip fillers

    Garbage gal.
  14. Wavant

    Good Fish & Chips

    Haven't had a F&C for ages. Shout out to the don who said Olley's is overrated. I prefer the proper Greek, down to earth, in and out, old-school menu on the wall type of places. This Friday I'm going to Melfort. Who likes onion sauce?
  15. Wavant

    Official Twitter Thread

    Nahhhh, that is foul. The only answer is violence,