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  1. His gone, his gone bye bye mourinho they have to have a replacement Good to go from now
  2. Is he worth it for 1 league title and a champions league semi final Surely he will leave the club in a worse situation then Moyes Or will he finally build a 2nd team
  3. If he refuses to sign a new contract in the next month or so and he makes his intentions clear that he wants to move to Real Madrid would you rather us put him in the reserves and lose him on a free next summer or sell him for the rumoured figure of 25-30 mill. With our current financial situation I would be more than happy to put him in the reserves and not play him and make him wait an extra 12 months to leave for free, just to prove a point that we do not have to be bullied into selling players on other peoples terms. Then make Valdes and a new signing Lloris/Leno fight for the no1 position. It is a shame that we should behind him when the media and fans were slaughtering him and now he is about to enter the peak years of his career he is supposedly strongly considering fucking off smh.
  4. In a for delightful season again. Jose out? Pogba out? Nothing will top the Moyes Boys or 300k vs LVG series Can the writers for Utd: Post Fergie top that?
  5. For me he has been the most improved player under Van Gaal this season. He is looking more and more like the player we thought we was signing from Villa. I see no why reason as to why the LW position shouldn't be his until the end of the season.
  6. Guest

    Paul Pogba

    Slow day in the sports room tbh.
  7. There is a time and place for these things, and that time is not when you have been playing shit since moving for just shy of 30 million.
  8. He is our 4th choice striker now according to lvg Lol
  9. £65m Is he worth it ? Better then what United have ?
  10. Mourinho's 2nd signing.
  11. i surely hope not looks like something out of the jappo league or bundesliga hideous
  12. Been with Jose since the start. Definitely able to get a decent job once he's ready. Seen it all. Who replaces him ?
  13. Every football fan learns about the Munich disaster whilst young but I don't think the sentiment really hit me until I started to read up on the teams achievements and the individuals themselves. This was more than a team of potential, they were already 2x League title winners 2x European Cup Semi finalists, nearly did the 1st double the year before the crash. I watched the 1957 FA Cup Final in full and it was a farce how they lost it tbh. The team got to the 1958 FA Cup Final again, despite losing 8 of their players 3 months before. The team was made up mainly of youth team players. 3 starters of the England team were lost which affected their 58 World Cup chances. Roger Byrne Captain of Man U, his wife found out she was pregnant a few days after he died. Tommy Taylor, top striker, 16 in 19 for England, the record would have probably been his not Bobby Charlton's in all honesty. Duncan Edwards, died at 21, hard to describe the potential this boy had. Probably the most gifted footballer this country ever produced. I am reading Edwards' self written book on his short life and football. I was shocked to learn he had written something so early in his career at such a young age. He was an old wise head, naturally right footed but with enough insight to train his left to be as good as his right as a kid. I saw him take the corner in the 57 Cup final which Taylor scored the header from with his left foot. He was something else, Man U debut at 16 (still the record) England debut at 18 (broken 40 years later by Michael Owen) he was a prodigy. If you see the detail with which he talks about football in his book it's apparent Man U lost more than a player, he was a philosopher in the vein of Cryuff. I'm convinced he would have been groomed and taken over as Manager when Busby left in 69. So the success in the 70's was potentially lost aswell. I recently went to his home town of Dudley to pay my respects, saw his statue in town, went to the archives where they have some of his shirts and caps, went to his grave aswell, was a wonderful day. Just thought there should be a thread focusing on this era of football and in particular the jewel in the crown which was this team that perished.
  14. Hopefully he can kick on stay injury free now finally get a run of games going People seem to forget how young he is and that he is a LB and not a LWB, it will take him time to adapt and turn his game into a more attacking one (if we dont switch back to 4 at the back).
  15. When it comes to defending, doing the simple stuff, he is so far ahead of Evans, Rojo and Jones. If he is fit he needs to start it is as simple as that . Only thing he lacks is distribution but he is the one CB I actually have any sort of trust in when defending.
  16. Who will stay/go Who will come in What do united need ?
  17. 3rd (Spurs) 4th (Chelsea) 7th (Newcastle) 12th (Brighton) 6th (Watford) 5th (Arsenal) 1st (City) (Obviously based on current league positions) With Benfica Basel and CSKA dotted in there too. Praying Pogba is back in time for the latter part because I can already see Mourinho working out the budget and setting aside petrol money and parking fees for the bus. Its gonna get constant usage! Squeaky bum time? Or is this gonna be calm for us? Because our record against the top end if the table is laughable.
  18. We'll have no European football to focus on when we finish 8th. So we should be able to challenge for the top 4 trophy next season. What's your ideal scenario or realistic scenario? Manager: Mourinho/Giggs? Aside from De Gea who will probably leave, Shaw, Martial, Blind, Fosu-Mensah and Rashford I don't think there is anybody who we should not consider replacing and upgrading. While all the top players go to our rivals (Ibra, Gundagon etc), who will we sign?
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