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  1. Meanwhile in bath....

    Got a mixed raced sister that grew up in bath Needless to say she lives in London now 😭
  2. Domestic Violence

    Forget that wiki definition The mere fact that you’re responding to a verbal assault with words that you intend to hurt the other person true or untrue is what makes it verbal abuse Just adding some perspective cos a lot of people were posing that post as if verbal is the way to go it’s all the same thing tbh Best thing you can do is moonwalk out of the relationship while you still have the chance
  3. Domestic Violence

    Nice sentiment however in reality even if you do respond with words youre still likely to be categorised as an abuser in the same way that you would be by responding to physical violence with the same thing
  4. Culture Vultures

    Grace is awake still not gonna lie
  5. Again What business is it of the newspapers? Proper edited his life as well like they didn't give him away These people are nuts
  6. The fact that she's even made this video shows exactly what kind of individual she is Regardless of that whatever way you look at it it's her own fault Either she's moved kink to the point that her son's believe the best choice is to cut her off or she's brought up two peice of shit kids who have no morals GABOS
  7. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Wenger out remix is fire
  8. TBH smaddy I can't lie I am The entire reason places like Rhodesia and SA happens is because people disregard the most basic morality for financial gain The suggestion that the exact same mentality is the way to a more prosperous future is ridiculous Fuck the money They could burn the farms down for all I care
  9. A man said These white people you're ousting could be the key to your success
  10. Don’t kid yourself gumption is not something you’ve ever been in possession of Let’s be clear There is a difference between a layman and a fucking idiot You are the latter And all that looking stupid talk is rich from you lad very very rich I doubt you’d even wanna know what you look like to someone like me
  11. The Music Video Thread

    Swae lee’s Xmas song is mad still
  12. The Daily Mail are on a roll....

    When will you lot learn to ignore this shit Theyre doing it on purpose so that people like us will promote their crock of shit tabloid Doing a great job of it as well tbf
  13. You've answered your own question there lad Congrats Again if I said it I meant it