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    yeah, from sunrise to sunset....so this mean I'm gonna loose any progress I've been making. Even if i do go gym in the evenings.
  2. Dexter is a must watch.... CSI is the same every episode, see the end right at the start.
  3. zeezee

    Song I.D.

    try google what u heard
  4. zeezee


    Is it fair to say that all progress thats been made in the gym may be lost
  5. Conspiracy theorist's
  6. came from someone who wants wenger out
  7. site says Madonna's music is "aggressive"
  8. zeezee

    hows ur life ...?

    Its good except for the squaters next door stealin my rabbit
  9. parets didnt have sex, theyre just good friends
  10. lol at people mourning a dog
  11. gays should be neutered, would make people think twice bout it
  12. nah problem solved, just moved onto free weights
  13. zeezee


    sperm doner anyone?
  14. thanks, will check it out
  15. Basicly i just started goin gym, and i always read bout people sayin do low reps n higher intensity n sh*t, but the problem is like, if i try low reps wherever im workin aint tired, and when i try lift more, i loose form.Just wanna know if theres n e advise for a begginer.
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