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  1. Jefferson

    Call of Duty WW2

    I do miss the cod days more time now i'm playing CSGO. I don't even own a console now. PC only
  2. Jefferson

    The BETA Thread.

    yeh i got 2 codes for xbox gang ( ghost recon). Says in the email that got to be a uplay account registered to your console, so i guess pm me your uplay account and gamertag and ill sort it out tomorrow morning before beta starts. i'll only be able to play friday which sucks but ill give it a whirl.
  3. Jefferson

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    swear it sounds like idris??lol
  4. Jefferson

    Red Dead Redemption 2

  5. Jefferson

    The Vape/Ecigarette Thread

    Been vaping 2 years, managed to quit smoking cigs for over ayear now. been rocking the little evic mini vtc with the crius tank and mini serpent. its crazy once you find that correct wire setup and the juice combo. gonna start mixing diy soon.
  6. Jefferson

    E3 2016

    Anyone got a run down on all the shit released? Moved yard and don't have net set up yet so it's long searching on my phone. Safe
  7. Jefferson

    COD: Black Ops III

    miss the old cod days. i havent touched cod since mw3, dropping moabs for fun.
  8. Jefferson

    PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

    swere i sent you it before will do it when i get home if i remember lol Not me. I was in from the start, but forgot now I'm out i thinnk. invite sent I want ins. GT: Mr Jeffah
  9. Jefferson


    game is jokes. was ranked 3 for a few mins on EU until top dawg got me
  10. Jefferson

    FL Studio

    nice one g
  11. Jefferson

    Clash of Clans

    So im back on this. Cant find the vip clan, just comes up with aload of foreign clans. My name on it is Jeffrey. lv 23 or so with 783 trophys if any one can find me. Keep getting attacked and moving up the leagues. Kind of annoying but funny at the same time.
  12. Jefferson


    swear this update killed my battery
  13. Jefferson

    Clash of Clans

    tried getting into clash but couldnt handle it but im on boom beach lv 26 or something, been tempted to buy gems but you get enough from daily reward and random ones dotted around the map. Just hold out and build up your defences.
  14. Jefferson


    just updated my m8 did notice a bit of a slower performance as soon as i updated but now its fast, apps opening alot quicker more smoothly. dont like how i cant just get rid of all my open apps in one button,now i gotta swipe each individually? long
  15. Jefferson