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  1. Bruv, what is it with united trying to buy all these young youts fine but you need to mould it with experience, linked with man from the championship like it nothing, I hope this window improves
  2. Good squad player don’t know about giving him a new three year deal. Got to be looking to start man all the time to be giving what a 28 year old those kinda deals. But a good player though, always rated him i have time for Juan mata though still, compared to some of the other dross at the club still there.
  3. Certain man should have united long time ago, and then dusty players that shouldn’t have been brought
  4. A shame Man Utd can’t do that
  5. Did let real sign that jovic guy
  6. Most drinks now do, I have to take time now to make sure what juice I buy coz some of them are nasty.
  7. After 2 great games in the CL in the last two days now the EL has to come up with the goods, would be crazy having 2 all English finals
  8. Have to wait a see if multiple numbers flock back or even if new people jump on. surely when the site was down, whoever could have still promoted. vip2
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