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  1. Mizchif

    What Aftershave you man use?

    Armani Code right now is my main joink. I'm frequently complimented
  2. Mizchif

    #Heatwave 2018

    I'm taking recommendations for Barcelona btw, send them through help me make my holiday dope+fun
  3. Mizchif

    The Video Thread part 2

    I got through it. There are people that come around and give them STD tests and such and pray with them, but alas these are the people that fall inbetween the cracks in society. The women have no other way of supporting their habit besides using their bodies which are gradually been worn down and tore up, its sad. Drugs is bad
  4. Mizchif

    #Heatwave 2018

    Fucking off out of the country to try Barcelona on Friday, that should be dope+fun
  5. Mizchif

    Life Hacks

    I wasn’t calling you broke Dinky, that was just my life hack contribution - Don’t be broke. It’s amazing the things you can achieve when you’re not broke
  6. Mizchif

    Life Hacks

    Don’t be broke.
  7. Mizchif

    Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Are you afraid?
  8. Mizchif

    Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

  9. Mizchif


    Okay this weeks episode brought me back, I did like the side story quite a bit.
  10. Mizchif

    North Korea

    Even when he's starving his people
  11. Mizchif

    Battle Rap Topic

    "Smack, Who is this nigga?" I'm so glad I found this topic I've been watching battle rap on my J's for fucking years none of my homies are even into it, I bet there are some smashers here.
  12. Mizchif


    I mean, I like the show. But I see where you're coming from Faze. Definitely like this show but..... yeah. Season 1 hit more powerfully so far
  13. Mizchif

    Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    I don't think Mike actually has to come back or anyone needs to say anything on it, there is no real argument here there isn't anything he can defend we should all just hope it stops here. Also a valuable lesson has been learned regarding fame on the internet, its precarious. It's been nice to have old names I can recognize comment on this though I hope you're all well and I love you like how friends love friends xXx. I bumped into Kaygee in Boxpark randomly on Sunday. She's finer than baby powder yo, lovely lady she is.
  14. Mizchif

    Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Guys lets not let this descend into nonsense when we still haven't uncovered the burning truth of Mikes Raw d*ck, its what the people want. When I say its what the people want I mean, knowledge of the outness of his penis. Not his Penis, the people clearly don't want that but thats not the argument here.
  15. Mizchif

    The Video Thread part 2