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  1. Mizchif

    Your unpopular opinions.....on everything

    I think MC's should move away from house, as a former MC/Current DJ I can advise safely that nobody is spitting on my sets, not even me. Saying that, I think there is room for Lyrics in house music. I quite like G-House sometimes, and theres a Tazer & Tink song called Wet Dollars where shes rapping throughout and I'm a big fan. Funky can work with MC's but not reloads.
  2. Mizchif

    If you had another life...

    AG you don't seem very likeable, and I don't know if it's because these lot are winding you up or if you are genuinely not very likeable but I'd say if you are actually a cool fella on the up you shouldn't care about the opinions of folks on the internet. And how you demonstrate that is by actually rising above. Rise above my nigga.
  3. Mizchif

    If you had another life...

    I don't know my life's been kinda sick so far, I wish I worried less about the negatives as everything has historically ended up working out ok. I would have spent more time with my dad before he died, and probably warned him against being involved in selling drugs. I would have invested in Bitcoin and generally spent less time working for the man and more on my own businesses, but again thats worked out for me so far so lets see where it takes man. Probably just the dad thing. Lifes sick, you can literally do anything you want like some kind of videogame sandbox mode but with limitations. Yeah.
  4. Mizchif

    President Donald Trump Thread

    Shout out if you read the TI quote in TI voice. Ye is cooning. I don't know what you lot think he's trying to acheive with his actions but like T said they are for HIS own benefit solely. Its extremely disappointing when he is such an influential person, Kanye is not the rapper you want meeting Donald Trump. They are both egotistical and narcissistic I have never seen either take criticism positively, I'd rather not see or hear anything from Kanye again that isn't music please, thank you.
  5. Mizchif

    Official Twitter Thread

    I thought that nigga was in a rush? Handing out doe making up conversations, posing up in pics, doing the most.
  6. Mizchif

    FAO : DJs, MCs, Musicians & Those That Know

    When have you known me not to be serious uncle? Thanks Stef for promoting this I rarely think of Urban Music fans when I promote the events I'm at so good call. It will be a housey house jump off so if you're expecting New Era Youngers and Gype Riddem go back to 2002 grandad. Although if I can get either of those in on the set I absolutely will
  7. Mizchif

    FAO : DJs, MCs, Musicians & Those That Know

    As you can tell it’s going to have all sorts of fun made up characters, it’s this years must see show! Come visit your internet friends (or enemies) and be trapped on a boat with them for 4 hours, imagine the conversations, I might distribute Upvote and Downvote stickers at the door.
  8. Mizchif

    FAO : DJs, MCs, Musicians & Those That Know

    It’s actually my housemates event, I’m Djing there (OOASN) and it’s gonna be sick. Definitely reach
  9. Mizchif

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    This topic is mad. Digital d*ck swanging, avatars not liking other avatars, factions forming and aligning against unified threats this honestly gets my e-d*ck so hard. I can't even work out who doesn't like who! Who are the creeps? I feel like I might be a creep. You man should scuff it out on Rust, Modern Warfare 2 is backwards compatible now I got that joink on the weekend.
  10. Mizchif

    Good Fish & Chips

    What because we're part devil we have to drink from Satan's chalice? That's disappointing Gracey. Mans still Millwall till I die and all that but I guess i'm picky?
  11. Mizchif

    The Video Thread part 2

    There is something in that east london water man. I love both these geezers but I'm going with LSD. Highly creative, unique perspectives on reality, comfortable in their own skin. Government LSD testing back in East London in the 70s i'm guessing.
  12. Mizchif

    Good Fish & Chips

    I wasn't even eating fish and chips when I had the epiphany, thats how you know its real. Also had to shamefully admit in a group chat that I don't like Coleslaw. I don't get why everyone is on the tip of coleslaws d*ck so fervently it succccks.
  13. Mizchif

    Good Fish & Chips

    Always curry sauce, Tartare Sauce occasionally. I quite like the mix with a bit of ketchup. But Breaded/Battered fish and potatos doesn't blow me away, I know its weird to hear someone not sucking Fish and Chipses d*ck but I realised over this weekend I'm not about them, had too many average portions maybe but the supposed good ones I've had haven't been leaps and bounds from the average.
  14. Mizchif

    Good Fish & Chips

    CONTRAVERSIAL OPINION - Fish and Chips isn't great. I've had "Good" fish and chips loads of times, Its just such a basic bitch of a dish it never blows me away. I rarely finish my chips when I eat fish and chips. I think fat chips are also a bit crap. Just telling it like it is yo.
  15. Mizchif

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    This voyuerism thing does upset me, but only because i've experienced it in real life. I hope the day (and that this day never comes) that I've been hurt or in the process of being hurt that someone isn't filming it. I broke up a fight outside a pub and nearly had to scuff it out with the geezer who had just knocked someone out and was battering him while he was unconcious. Some girl I was with moved away and started recording it, I had to shout at her not to record it. Peoples brains are fuckeries that this is the first place they go rather than helping a motherfucker out. I don't recommend being a martyr generally historically its ended with me getting hurt but as much as I'm not going to let injustice or fuckeries happen in front of my face I'm equally not going to let someone film it,.