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  1. Gomorrah

    I've got a whole season to catch up with. Kinda haps now.
  2. The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    He went to my college. I was inches away when he punched someone from PDC affiliate DDC in the mouth causing further Peckham/Brixton friction at the time.. #NoYoungBape.
  3. Goals for this year

    Deep. Stay woke
  4. Will machines eventually turn on us?

    I think we assume too much of robots and AI. While they are created by us, why would they think like we do? Science Fiction tells us they would immediately gain intelligence and eliminate any threats to its existence but we as humans are romantically attached to ourselves. If a robot has a nihilistic view of existence maybe it wouldn't care if it lived or died but would analyse our own dependence on living and naturally aid us. What does a robot have to live for?
  5. Will machines eventually turn on us?

    You fucking Pikey, its like you live inside my brain sometimes you weirdo. A man can't even get his kudos for his original thoughts.
  6. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Daniel to 2013 Daniel - Investigate further on this "BitCoin" and take a risk. It will pay off. What a sad topic to revisit
  7. The Chicken Connoisseur

    Without the editor its literally just some bruddah eating Chicken. I've not once ever looked at it like that. Humbling. Bring back the bruddah, it was the production that kept man locked in
  8. The Chicken Connoisseur

    That Chicken shop is deaaad.
  9. What do you want

  10. What do you want

    Wait guys, I can do this
  11. What do you want

  12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I hear Disney execs play a game at parties where they try to burn or destroy money quicker than they make it. The money always wins
  13. Solar System with 8 planets found

    Man, leading scientists don't be believing in god or any higher powers, its just easier to say that than to argue with Christianity and get "burnt at the stake". Have you tried arguing with Christians? Or anyone with an alternative opinion to your own? Shits tough man.
  14. Flat Earth - True Or False?

    Stay woke people, the earth is flat my eyes are open. My flat, circular eyes.