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  1. Finished Season 2 the day it came out. Did you know his parents in the show are his real life parents?
  2. "What about... Man don't care bout all that"
  3. Vibrators are Robot d*cks not attached to the robot. Women are sick.
  4. Mr Fingers/Frankie Knuckles are frequent on my playlists. Origins of house music
  5. Super gassed. Watched the episode twice already. Fucking amazing
  6. How you know Santa is real if you've never seen him or never not seen him though?
  7. https://www.metabunk.org/debunked-the-flat-earth-theory-14-ways-the-flat-earth-theory-is-false.t7148/ This is a better site to go to.
  8. If you want to talk about what is considered space, technically, we're in Space right now. And if its an atmosphere argument i.e you're only in space when you've left our atmosphere, then technical Satelittes aren't even in "Space". So llow the bruddah he went to space man llow it. Why am I back here again?
  9. Nasa plant. Fake news.
  10. I'm glad I evacuated this thread. I hope one of these flat earthers gets on board one of the first SpaceX or Amazon commerical Space flights so they can look at the earth themselves. Donot worry teamsters, commercial spaceflight is around the corner and with this, all flat earth myths will be dispelled. The idea that we can't leave this planet based on modern rocket technology is preposterous, we have hundreds of giant 450 Ton machines flying above our heads as we speak, we have watched rocket launches and calculated the escape velocity to enable such a feat, again I'm with being open minded, but in the act of being so, donot also close your mind.
  11. little something I mocked up from one of the images previously posted regarding the horizon experiment, their data suggests we Globalists estimate the circumference of the earth at about 72 miles around based on this image. I stress 6 miles is not enough, nor is 150 miles, in fact you'd have to probably do about 3-4000 milles to observe the curvature from a stationary position. Critical thinking is good, but sometimes its okay to go with the status quo if its proven, otherwise you're just wasting valuable time that could be used gathering new knowledge.
  12. My poor beautiful brain. I wonder how many scientific discoveries have been proven on the basis of the flat earth? No I don't wonder actually, this hurts my brain. I mean I respect the fight for knowledge, that is science. But this shit is wild bananas. It's so anti progress, it's theories are based in pure fucking nonsense. Fucking Shadow governments and demon worshipping Nasa scientists WHAT THE FUCK guys?!? What in the fucking fuck. Maybe my problem is I don't believe in Demons and Satan, but I do believe in the power of human ignorance, that is something that is widely documented. And you don't even have to be stupid to be ignorant, All of this is essentially trolling and is poison man.
  13. I'm going to die unhappy. I stress, with a circumference of 26000 miles plus at its widest, a straight line for 6 miles is not a large enough measurement of distance to observe the curvature of the planet. That is truly mental I can't do this i'm going to give myself palpitations.
  14. The moon does rotate, it's just tidally locked with us. It rotates at the right speed so that it only shows one side of its face to us. This happens on nearly all planets with moons, its called tidal friction and is another example of gravity. Anyways I must bounce from this topic its due to only frustrate me which is sad because I love physics.
  15. OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MADE ME GO TO THAT SITE! MUST I DEBUNK THIS?!?!!? Is this seriously how I have to spend my evening, seriously? When they started talking about Gravity and the way our solar system moves through the galaxy, I lost my shit. I'm not doing this, you will not make me do this, but I will speak briefly on gravity. Bullet points even. - Gravity, very weak force. So weak that you can throw a ball in the air to escape it, but to escape it complete you'd have to travel many thousands of miles from the source of the object, but plainly speaking its impossible because everything is affected by gravity even at a quantum level. - Earth, very large object, very large surface area. Such a large surface area with so much mass it's gravitional pull affects things not attached to it, like me, you and the ball I spoke of previously. - Things - People, birds, water, ants, airplanes, all uniquely affected by gravity based on their mass. Believe it or not you the person reading this and I also have an affect on the planets gravity. Crazy right. But lets use an experiment you can try yourself, if you're wondering why you don't fly to the back of the bus when you jump or walk its because your centre of gravity is the floor of that object. You cannot perceive this, but its what's happening because you and that bus now share a gravitational connection. We are not being dragged to the centre of this planet we are attracted to it, this is Netwons law of universal gravitation - Our Sun, not a static object. Also moving through the galaxy at very fast speeds. We're able to keep a fluid system of orbit around the sun because of its enormous mass. So here is how it goes - Person attracted to centre of earth, earth attracted to centre of solar system, solar system attracted to centre of galaxy, galaxy attracted to centre of universe (???Maybe???). Could go on for a while about this, but will not. Hopefully I've imparted some information on "Theories of Gravity"