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  1. Mizchif

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    This topic is mad. Digital d*ck swanging, avatars not liking other avatars, factions forming and aligning against unified threats this honestly gets my e-d*ck so hard. I can't even work out who doesn't like who! Who are the creeps? I feel like I might be a creep. You man should scuff it out on Rust, Modern Warfare 2 is backwards compatible now I got that joink on the weekend.
  2. Mizchif

    Good Fish & Chips

    What because we're part devil we have to drink from Satan's chalice? That's disappointing Gracey. Mans still Millwall till I die and all that but I guess i'm picky?
  3. Mizchif

    The Video Thread part 2

    There is something in that east london water man. I love both these geezers but I'm going with LSD. Highly creative, unique perspectives on reality, comfortable in their own skin. Government LSD testing back in East London in the 70s i'm guessing.
  4. Mizchif

    Good Fish & Chips

    I wasn't even eating fish and chips when I had the epiphany, thats how you know its real. Also had to shamefully admit in a group chat that I don't like Coleslaw. I don't get why everyone is on the tip of coleslaws d*ck so fervently it succccks.
  5. Mizchif

    Good Fish & Chips

    Always curry sauce, Tartare Sauce occasionally. I quite like the mix with a bit of ketchup. But Breaded/Battered fish and potatos doesn't blow me away, I know its weird to hear someone not sucking Fish and Chipses d*ck but I realised over this weekend I'm not about them, had too many average portions maybe but the supposed good ones I've had haven't been leaps and bounds from the average.
  6. Mizchif

    Good Fish & Chips

    CONTRAVERSIAL OPINION - Fish and Chips isn't great. I've had "Good" fish and chips loads of times, Its just such a basic bitch of a dish it never blows me away. I rarely finish my chips when I eat fish and chips. I think fat chips are also a bit crap. Just telling it like it is yo.
  7. Mizchif

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    This voyuerism thing does upset me, but only because i've experienced it in real life. I hope the day (and that this day never comes) that I've been hurt or in the process of being hurt that someone isn't filming it. I broke up a fight outside a pub and nearly had to scuff it out with the geezer who had just knocked someone out and was battering him while he was unconcious. Some girl I was with moved away and started recording it, I had to shout at her not to record it. Peoples brains are fuckeries that this is the first place they go rather than helping a motherfucker out. I don't recommend being a martyr generally historically its ended with me getting hurt but as much as I'm not going to let injustice or fuckeries happen in front of my face I'm equally not going to let someone film it,.
  8. Mizchif

    How many friends u got

    How has no one posted this yet, the only valid song about Friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxni-FM-UVA
  9. Mizchif

    Kim Kardashian

    Gemma Collins is built like a fat Zarya from Overwatch. She looks like shes swallowed a chest of drawers.
  10. Mizchif

    Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    You're paying for that right Faze? My cousin did something similar for me
  11. Mizchif

    The Video Thread part 2

    I thought with all the time travel and body switching Doctor Who would have held a more neutral or positive opinon on the transgendered.
  12. Mizchif


    So as the forums resident gay you can validate this as I assume you've spent alot of time eating out your cousins hairy boxes. Maybe you're right, is that all it takes to be gay?
  13. Mizchif

    Should it be banned

    Threw him out of the house like a tomcat you know.
  14. Mizchif


    I'm also a fan of the accidental mouthkiss when you both become unsynchronised. History has shown it leads to future mouth kisses, oddly not to make it any more weird. I mean fuck we've already kissed on the mouth the precedent is set. One of my white male cousins as a grown man still goes for kisses but he genuinely loves me and his family. Previous MMA fighter used to be in the army double hard motorcycle riding bastard but still goes for the mouth kisses. What're you gonna do? Do black people have people they know who go for male kisses? Probably wouldn't admit it but it would be nice to get some further data
  15. Mizchif


    I recall you being weirded out when I went to kiss you on the cheek Smaddy, are you sure its not just a latent intimacy issue? Would you prefer it if I spudded you? Mans not going to spud you I will pick you up and spin you around the next time I see you. Maybe even throw you up in the air like a small child. I'm looking forward to it actually