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  1. Courtois has fallen off. No longer a top 5 keeper
  2. Mind blown how Chelsea have been the better side over two legs and are 3-1 down
  3. Willian on fire as usual Rest of the team are dustmites
  4. United are embarrasing. The difference in budget between them and Sevilla and they put in a performance like this at home lol @ Sanchez too
  5. Lovely goal.. If he started the match Sevilla would be a couple goals up by now
  6. Harvey Weinstein

    Kissing a woman who doesn't want you to on the neck multiple times is super creepy. If you think that's ok then I don't know what to say He needs to go on the register because that kind of rapey behavior needs monitoring
  7. Post match Lampard said that Dele Alli had a good game. I thought he was dog shit
  8. Tottenham bottling it as usual. Wanted them to go through as well
  9. PSG are shit with or without Neymar Madrid are in AWFUL form right now aswell losing La Liga games left, right and centre
  10. Official Smoking/Weed Thread

    I don't really trust vape liquid. Most of it is made in China But got to be better than cigarettes I suppose
  11. Fredo

    That's a timeless song?
  12. Fredo

    Fredo is a bit like Blade. Basic predictable bars nothing too technical Will get boring after a while
  13. STDs/STIs

    Is this even a question No cure for herpes. Would not touch
  14. Pedro done nothing all game I would of taken him off at half time. Hazard was kind of trash too but playing out of position I guess. Chelsea should of had all 3 points