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  1. My mum has MS. It's a complex disease and there are three different types of MS that affect everyone differently depending which part of the brain/spinal cords nerves are being attacked.. some people can lead a normal life with minimal progression and others can be totally wheelchair bound and can't even eat like one of my cousins. It is definitely a life changing illness.
  2. zoot

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    I don't see what the problem is The bottom line is these petty gang beefs are quite interesting to watch unfold. Voyeur or not no fucks given, this shit is happening & it's hard to ignore Who remembers that londonstreetgangs website/blog, had TONS of detailed info on there till it got shut down. Now all of this kind of info is all over youtube comments instead
  3. zoot

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    Giggs and co showing how low IQ they really are Always bitching about how police are shutting down and blackballing their performances and then go and cause madness at a show that's being aired live on channel 4 These guys are all 30+ they should know better
  4. zoot

    C Biz back on road pt. 2

    Awful 30+ and still rapping about nothing lol
  5. zoot

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Another killing in Camberwell just now
  6. zoot


    It’s not a penalty. Robbery
  7. zoot


    Fuck VAR. This is the wc final can’t be giving that
  8. zoot


    Beautiful goal. Fully deserved
  9. zoot

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    I agree. Talking about they made the nation proud is total BS It’s worse because they had such an easy route . Now Lovren is playing in a WC final 🤣🤣🤣
  10. zoot

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    So many excuses being made here you known Keane is holding back from going in on England lol
  11. zoot

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Weak from England Croatia in the final what a joke
  12. zoot

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Kane done absolutely nothing takes a good penalty though
  13. zoot

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Chadli been a weak link in this team Game needs extra time
  14. zoot

    Relationships and Raving

    This made me laugh You're either severely autistic or trolling hard
  15. zoot

    Quarter Finals

    Porchy thinks he’s a football guru but he’s way off most of the time probably won’t post here for a month or two now 🤣