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  1. zoot

    African Child

    Saw the vid very professional, clean kill If you got enemies like that you shouldn't be at the corner shop looking down at your phone
  2. You're talking shit Every country that has adopted the Euro currency has resulted in everything being much more expensive. Go to Spain most people are poor there, same with Greece, Italy..
  3. zoot

    Love Island

    The wanna be Kardashian one is the older sister of a girl I know from college, got to laugh at these insta celebs/whores that think theyr'e important
  4. This is a strange one you must have really showed some bad parenting skills for the court to give him full custody of your daughter Courts usually side HEAVILY with females each and every time.
  5. zoot


    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7046389/British-tourists-locals-vicious-fight-Ibiza-KFC-two-men-trousers-ripped-off.html Ibiza in a nutshell. I prefer to go to places with minimal brits
  6. zoot


    Ibiza is kind of dead now. Once you get past a certain age and been a few times there is nothing new
  7. zoot

    Welcome back

    You're a wasteman for letting that happen Forums are very basic no database issue takes 3 months it could of been done in 1 week with a bit of effort
  8. CL is anyones this year, thought it would be easy pickings for Barca but they look dusty Can see Liverpool doing it if the front 3 can return to their best, hope they do
  9. zoot

    Welcome back

    Nice to have the forum back Some serious slackers running this site, how can it be down for 4months
  10. Powerful line from that article. This is the case for a lot of people doing these crimes, a small percentage are making all the real money
  11. zoot

    No Deets No Zorn

    I think this is a good move porn is cancerous to society I hadn't watched any in a year till I met this hoe that corrupted my mind and the deev in me creeped back in Anything that makes it harder for children to watch porn is a positive thing
  12. I haven't watched any of these nonsense videos but i've got to agree that some races/cultures are harder to deal with 2 of my aunties (from Cyprus) have driven weak English men to commit suicide Also i've had some dealings with an African woman. She let slip one day that her ex was lying to her so she got him sacked from his job, blackmailed him for £££ and done some other evil shit. I went no contact shortly after
  13. DM just reporting what they see. 26k a year for the runners though yeah right How can his family be so delusional to say he has no gang affiliation are they not monitoring what their child is doing at all
  14. Can relate to this one right now
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