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  1. Vegan Gang

    Oreos have milk in them
  2. Week 01 - 17/18 Premier League

    Sick game to kick off the season, glad footballs back
  3. Vegan Gang

    Link to doc https://fmovies.is/film/what-the-health.llomz Also on netflix Not eaten any meat/dairy in 2 weeks or so. Mainly trying it to help with skin issues but it seems to have just made it worse initially But much better digestion and feel much lighter. Meat just lingers in your stomach and makes you bloated. Where as eating more fiborous foods feels much better on the gut. I also have to drink about 3x as much water than I usually do because all the extra fibre. Also need to eat much bigger portion sizes when you're not eating any meat because the bulk of my calories would come from meat before
  4. Neymar

    Would be sick if Real can buy Neymar once he realises he won't win CL with dusty PSG
  5. Neymar

    Good, 198m is ridiculous and just further fucking up the market 120m at the very most IMO
  6. The Video Thread part 2

    I've not eaten any meat or dairy since watching. Almost a week in now and been getting pounding headaches Been thinking about going vegan/vegetarian for a while. When you look at supermarket chicken it does not look natural at all, watching that documentary sealed the deal for me.
  7. Neymar

    Neymar or PSG will not be creating any history Huge backwards move. You think Neymar will be winning any ballon d'ors at PSG lol Ney should of just been patient and waited his turn to take over Messi's role at Barca he's only 25
  8. Diego Costa Confirms He Will Play For Spain

  9. The Video Thread part 2

    Very interesting documentary on the dangers of eating an animal based diet called 'What the health' Eye opening. I recommend everyone watch it https://fmovies.is/film/what-the-health.llomz/jz237n Also on netflix
  10. Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    What does Stormzy have to do with Monsanto?
  11. Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Negged not funny at all
  12. MoStack fighting in Ibiza

    Ibiza turning into a dust fest
  13. The Video Thread part 2

    WTF is wrong with these American police Beating down a small woman with a truncheon when you've already got her pinned down and she's causing you no direct harm Who teaches them to use that kind of force
  14. Love Island

    Watched a couple of episodes to see what the hype was about, what a load of trashhows it any different to big brother etc? just a bunch of bitches
  15. James Rodriguez: Flavour of The Month or Worth The Money?

    Deals between Bayern and Madrid are always pretty reasonable Kroos went for only 20 something million. To a PL club it would of been 40-50 Good move to loan James out. Would of liked to see him stay at Madrid though