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  1. Incumbent

    r&b Jacquees

    while u may have a valid point...fuck all that tbh lol it's a generational ting, generally most millennials don't really care about artists who were the true kings & queens of rnb and equally most of the xennials don't rate current rnb artists that this generation highly rates apart from the likes of CB gen x would probably feel the same about xennials taste in music and so on / as for jacquees, when i've listend to him i just think rebore donell jones especially in that B.E.D track
  2. Incumbent

    Raheem Sterling Racist Media Campaign

    100% and he was very articulate However, him getting with becky (times 2) when it comes to the real definition of racism I'll always question his loyalty when it comes to real racism, for me it's literally is black & white, ain't no half way shit outcha
  3. Incumbent

    uk-rap Skrapz

  4. Incumbent

    hiphop Meek Mill

    JAY-Z ON "WHAT'S FREE">>>>>>>>>>>_____ JEEEEEZ!!!
  5. Incumbent

    live Week 14 & 15 - 18/19 Premier League

    same ended my accu too
  6. Incumbent

    Married women

  7. ice stays being conflicted about de gea
  8. Incumbent

    Nasty things you did as a yout

    fucking nasty!!!
  9. Incumbent

    hiphop Tekashi 6ix9ine

    he had it coming i guess you can't be putting out those types of energy and it not come back to you
  10. Incumbent

    hiphop Tekashi 6ix9ine

    what is he being done for?
  11. Incumbent

    Where is Thun?!

    bb bab ab bs b s / maybe this thun has been here all this time but they post triggered him
  12. Incumbent

    The Music Video Thread

    Nah not the music, the msuc is nice and i enjoyed the album especially not for radio & everything the visual/the film however was nothing special at all
  13. Incumbent

    School introduces Anti Spill Policy

    many designers were taken during break times & after school one mother came to the school and grips up one yout who took her son's jacket little c*nt try say it was his even though everyone knew he took it the day before