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  1. Incumbent

    Racism In Football

    who got the 6 match ban? demba or the chinese guy who racially abused?
  2. Incumbent

    Should it be banned

    sa sadg asgasdg gsd ga
  3. Incumbent

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    are you just playing devils advocate or are u being serious?
  4. Incumbent

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    you are too dumb to understand smh
  5. Incumbent

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    @SLEAZE BALL listen from when Dame is called from 26 mins onwards the how is different but the fuckery is the same, that girl ain't doing it on LC's level but she's defo a culture vulture too Dame knew from day LC was a CV and didn't give two fucks about us that chick is using "chicken shop" to jump start her shit
  6. Incumbent

    Everyday Struggle: DJ Akademiks x Joe Budden

    Dame phone call from 26mins goes in LC
  7. Incumbent

    Should it be banned

    absolute bullshit that fucking racist c*nt boris knows what he is doing, the fact that May or con party haven't condemned it or suspended him speaks volumes, boris going for that trump pre-president campaign angle where he'd say some bait racist shit to test the waters boris is going to get worse just like trump got as support grew can anyone imagine him saying something similar against jews? and if he did he'd still be a mp? anyone who agrees with boris is either racist or dumb and ignorant and believes islam/muslims are really doing most of the killings in the world like the media portrays most deaths in the world can be attributed to white men in suits/uniforms with clear faces on display but let's just ignore that
  8. Incumbent

    live Week 01 - 18/19 Premier League

    man like licht ya kna!!
  9. Incumbent

    live Week 01 - 18/19 Premier League

    sterling looking sharp good goal
  10. Incumbent

    The Music Video Thread

    speaking of B.I.G, nicki did good on this still rh h dshas s g bar jokes drake & young thug get deaded
  11. Incumbent


    this sums it up all minus the carlsburg beer
  12. Incumbent

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    sometimes i think we black ppl deserve the fuckries happening to us coz we just can't help letting others do fuckery to us realest talk bro yet many black ppl will say nah she's just doing a her ting there's so many black faces with white supremacist mentally and they don't even know it
  13. Incumbent


    unless you family or a good friend and we have historical greeting my default is to always put my hand out for a hand shake, it's never let me down i am not involved with the awks anymore, i've seen/been involved in some horrible ones especially when i see someone i haven't seen for years on road or at a dance or seeing work colleagues out of the work environment
  14. Incumbent

    The Music Video Thread

    ma nice on this the beat is fire!!!