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  1. Incumbent

    live 2019/20 Premier League Fixtures

    Norwich first game back in the pl is at Anfield yeah / chelsea man u game going to be interesting it'll either be a dead game or one gets spanked good and proper / villa at spurs, villa gonna get that work / leicester v wolves gonna be lit
  2. Incumbent

    Pics of chicks we have beat

    Set pace in it
  3. Incumbent

    African Child

    while that maybe true for bare ppl why give them reasons to make it easier for them?
  4. Incumbent

    African Child

  5. Incumbent

    uk-rap slowthai

    his hard but i am not on that mad man vibe TN Biscuits is fire though, love it!!!
  6. Incumbent

    live Championship 2018/2019 Thread

    who's your money on? surely it's villa but derby did a madness tonight so who knows
  7. Incumbent

    live Championship 2018/2019 Thread

    what a game feel sorry for leeds i really wanted biesla in the prem maybe brighton will come in for him but suspect he'll want to finish the job next season and get leeds promoted
  8. Incumbent

    The Video Thread part 2

    bwoy!!! my heart was racing watching that shit, i don't think i would have got off the bike the bear was far behind so i would picked the bike over fast and carried on fuck playing hide and seek with bear who have excellent sense of smell
  9. here we go arsenal already down
  10. Incumbent

    grime Skepta

    it's a shame
  11. Incumbent

    grime Skepta

    there's white girl loving & smashing then there's breeding the ting
  12. Incumbent

    Harry marrying his lighty

    100% pos!!!