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  1. Week 08 - 17/18 Premier League & CL MD3

    so why would i bet over 4 goals and go onto to win the bet? same way i and most expected dortmund to get a win but what happened? d*ck head! about shut up jus coz u expect less from your team doesn;t mean others do kiss mi ras!
  2. Week 08 - 17/18 Premier League & CL MD3

    fuckers loss me p, smh
  3. Week 08 - 17/18 Premier League & CL MD3

    tbh i expected 4+ from pool anything less i'd be smh, mrb are the whipping boys of that group spartak spanking sevilla was a surprise tho, 5 - 1 ffs, mad
  4. Week 08 - 17/18 Premier League & CL MD3

    spurs gave a good account of themselves and should have won
  5. Craig Shakespeare

    CS's sacking is mad to me smh @ some of these pl bosses, seems like they all want instant success which can't happen
  6. NFTR - Not For The Radio (Interviews)

    dfjg zndzh caught me off guard
  7. Harvey Weinstein

    exactly, i'm not making excuses for harvey or his fucked up kind all i'm saying is ppl underestimate the power of the desire to be where u want to be in life, many will sell sell sell and regret it later, the likes of harvey know this and use it (in the wrong way)
  8. Harvey Weinstein

    100% imo but i hope he drops names upon names there's no way there isn't many weinsteins doing the same thing in hollywood, music, work places all over the world etc powerful ppl know how to abuse their powers and who to use it against hard work alone doesn't get you where you want to be in life / imagine starting out or been knocking on the doors of success for years and someone says suck my d*ck or let me touch one two titties or let me touch your d*ck and you'll have millions/be in a blockbuster within weeks! opposed never/years later, not many will say no imo but like now they'll feel like shit and clock they sold their souls the powers these daems have is mad!
  9. Rich The Kid has Beef With Me LMAO

    i hope it's monetized
  10. The Music Video Thread

    that was disappointing by skrapz, chorus is the worse video clean tho
  11. The Music Video Thread

    not feeling that new ot track but the previous single is my shiiit!!!!
  12. Skrapz

    @Yeshua chatting shit about everyone was writing or doing grime or garage mike glc was never involved sas never k-lash your rasclart neck off never lowkey never estelle never jehst never blacktwang never lists goes on
  13. Week 07 - 17/18 Premier League

    200k bonus for southgate
  14. Week 07 - 17/18 Premier League

    heard on talksport earlier that if england win or draw tonight they will equal the invincibles unbeaten record qualifiers only / totally agree with @FA23 dust gods / why didnt rashford just smash it or square it smh
  15. The England Football Team Thread

    i rate sturridge but how the flying fuck has he made the squad? how has hart? how has welbeck? livermore? ox? dead dead dead this inner circle ting within the fa needs to stop or england will never do anything at any major tournament ok there isn't an abundance of talent in recent times but daaaaaam!!!