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  1. Which Gang is this, a lotta confusion and contradictions

    wow this yout is fully having a convo with himself in here
  2. d*ck Gregory (R.I.P)

    REST IN POWER!!! DG>>>>>>>>>>>____
  3. The Video Thread part 2

    perfect tap tap tap / fuck both of them tho, pure attention seekers
  4. The Video Thread part 2

    you're delusional or just blind to the global coordinated efforts it wasn't a school team nor was it in london, it was in kent, grass roots teams, the u10s, u11s did the same and i'm sure it happened in many parts of the country i can't ignore europe and usa coz their the ones who control most of the world, it's them doing the fuckries so please don't insult my intelligence about it's not coordinated when i.e the london, paris, germany attacks happened leaders from all over europe and america and even fucking australia sent out messages of sympathy ffs when the paris attack happened the france and england game was full of it, wembley was engulfed in the french flag
  5. The Video Thread part 2

    forgot to add, in that same week there were similar/worse attacks in kenya, middle east, why is the system brain washing kids to show sympathy with one and not the others if we truly want an inclusive loving world where we love and care for each other instead of the fuckeries going on?
  6. The Video Thread part 2

    wanting to be accepted/part of white society being following suit i.e i see a lot of blacks on twitter/facebook/insta etc saying rip to the barcelona attack, same happened with paris, london etc yet i read nothing when the same if not worse happens to black/brown folk / my little cousin had a u9s football tournament some months back when the london attacks happened, can u believe they made all the kids do the 1 minute silence? 24 teams (6-8 in each) the global coordination when it comes to showing respect and empathy when white ppl die is mad imo!!!
  7. The Video Thread part 2

    you can but let's be real here, the powers that be which is made up of a lot of so called "good" white ppl actually don't care to me a "good" person who does nothing when wrong is being done is on the same side as the person doing wrong black ppl need to stop this inclusive thinking when time & time they have shown us they don't give two shits and we a tolerated we love, accept and ride for everyone except ourselves while they stay killing us and discriminate against us etc
  8. Brent Faiyaz...

    brent is nice n smooth with it!!! will defo check it out bless elementalism / defo got that musiq soulchild swag on lock but with his own vibe/twist
  9. is it ok to use black emoji's and gifs

    the voice and posh accent is so wrong and irritating a black person should never sound like that / tbf she makes some valid points tho.
  10. Do you have gay tendencies?

    everyone has gay tendencies especially females but it doesn't make you homo, there's a BIG difference rating a man who goes hard/looks cut as fuck from putting the work in the gym is more appreciation imo but others see that as gay tendencies / road guys, rugby guys and over the top bants guys show top level homo tendencies
  11. Ozark

  12. What can't you eat?

    just dairy upsets my stomach
  13. Chip vs the scene lol....

    a man said ms d shits all over wretch and chip ya kna! what are u smoking fella fuck what she did for female mc's/rappers etc, we talking bars, flow, delivery, lyrics and STILL ACTIVE and relevant only die hard garage heads still rate ms d, most of her lyrics were basic abc 123 tbh / boo was big tho and her so solid feature on envy
  14. Week 01 - 17/18 Premier League

    and i miss LVG