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  1. Deep if 5G caused this. However, if it means Teanna Trump VR and POV streams perfectly, I'm game.
  2. Bannable question. Google her and thank me later.
  3. Teanna Trump got any new drops?
  4. Ashman is blaming the Romanians.
  5. Teanna Trump getting into the VR game? Could be getting some time off work...
  6. This Corona virus suttun is more boring than Brexit. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. A one on one with Teanna Trump would straighten him out.
  8. I bet Teanna Trump was in Vegas last night. The lineal champ should have treated his sen.
  9. Nah, but I want to buck into a Makosi.
  10. How easy is Teanna Trump to get at? Might price it up for next spring.
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