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  1. I would do a stellar job of promoting stimulating debate and conversation I am a real nigga I could bring at least 14 new users by Xmas Where do I apply? Danke schon
  2. It's margs on a hype ting nihgaz think i'm soft coz i'm light skin. Mashtown all day.
  3. So Ronaldo was the reason for his managerial success after all. OUCH.
  4. connorwickham

    Shenmue III

    So is Shenmue 3 being developed?
  5. Arsenal came in, dropped a 16 and supplied the rave. Nobody in the Orem wants to touch mic. salibah, Ceballos, Tierney and Pepe in a week. Jheeze!
  6. Mods killed the forum, as did this foolish positive and negative ratings on posts. It had a good ti though. TTKK
  7. 90% of London is a shithole, so who cares?
  8. Have to have a Smart TV to watch. Kmt. I don't have an illuminati tv. Kmt. long watching it on a laptop, guess I'll just have to give it a miss.
  9. Think I've gone off people. I'd rather relate to new FC characters, then new humans. Still put in a bit of work with day ones and family. Need to step out of this ish. Spent 37 mins today watching Osa Lovely. It was oh so lovely, but I feel waste now. Will force myswlf to mix with humans after super Sunday.
  10. It wasn't a blacked scene boss. Was some orgy ting that started in the pool. I started out looking for info on Van Dijks upbringing and ended up there. Xmas eve was a strange day.
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