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  1. Nah, but I want to buck into a Makosi.
  2. I ain't gay? That whole verse needed a no homo? No bro, i'll take you apart in slow mo. With your so so, own goal, come back. Have you been drinking? I hope so. About bullet, he shootttts. And missus firing blanks, Likkle fassy hides in the toilet and wanks 3g porn hub and buss in his pants Ja-fake-en yardie, never been carni, sound like Cardi, B, you ain't welcome to this party, Bob, not Marley, Likkle bitch, dress like Bhad Barbie I'll tear you apart. See You're dun.
  3. Week 1? Dem Man Deya you're a weak one/ Each one, teach one, Cut right through your guard like a Wilder overhand because you've got your reach wrong/ Somali won't respond, so I'm aiming at your your self-hating neck - time to bleach one. Yard man? Nah suh, your battery flat out of charge man/ Rhymes are flat like bammy, i'll slap your mar J and grannie. Why? Cause i'm disrespectful like that that family. No woman beater so will hit them with facts. Dem Man Deya ain't got the stamina. Facts.Facts Vocab and style, he lacks Fcuk Dem man, can't defend man/Could do this all day; it's just fun and games not really trying to end man. 12 hours ton respond p**sy
  4. How easy is Teanna Trump to get at? Might price it up for next spring.
  5. I would do a stellar job of promoting stimulating debate and conversation I am a real nigga I could bring at least 14 new users by Xmas Where do I apply? Danke schon
  6. It's margs on a hype ting nihgaz think i'm soft coz i'm light skin. Mashtown all day.
  7. So Ronaldo was the reason for his managerial success after all. OUCH.
  8. connorwickham

    Shenmue III

    So is Shenmue 3 being developed?
  9. Arsenal came in, dropped a 16 and supplied the rave. Nobody in the Orem wants to touch mic. salibah, Ceballos, Tierney and Pepe in a week. Jheeze!
  10. Mods killed the forum, as did this foolish positive and negative ratings on posts. It had a good ti though. TTKK
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