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  1. Snabba Cash is aight tbh. About the roads in Stockholm. Broke mans Top Boy. Any links on how to book Teanna Trump?
  2. I would pay good money to meet Xena Ebony. Anybody got a source? Happy to fly out to the USA, Vax or no Vax.
  3. Does Teanna Trump have a direct contact? trying to hook summat up for 2021.
  4. Has Boris said anything about adding an escort to your support bubble?
  5. Are you fucking mad? yute. Since the fossil got fucked off, we've reached a European final and won an FA cup. It isn't great, but it's better than 8-2 and 6 nil smashings. Arteta isn't the chosen one, but he's better than late days Wenger. Wenger made us then nearly destroyed. I'd destroy his bish though if he's still will that Algerian ting. peace.
  6. I'd sell my soul to get a run at Maya Jama or Jorga. Ain't mad at him at all.
  7. I was asking a serious question bro. I believe it deserved a serious response. I'm on a more life vibe after a mad 2020. Ready to drop some P on Teanna and a USA trip.
  8. Mods killed it. It was a good run though. Before the website ceases. Does anybody know roughly how much it would be to hire Teanna Trump for a weekend?
  9. These bang. What are they called?
  10. Can't wait to hear his diss track. Who's going to go against him though lyrically? Weird Al Yankovic or Drake?
  11. Somebody price up Teanna Trump or Jada Stevens for me. 2021 bucket list. This lock down period has taught me to go get it next year. Time waits for nobody.
  12. Will marry a Becky and sell out within 6 months.
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