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  1. Anybody got the updated link to get full tracksuits
  2. _Fivestar


    all that stress to get Herpes that’s for life no cure
  3. _Fivestar

    Work & Life

    Has anyone made the jump from perm to contracting. Thinking about leaving field based role to contract as local authority but dunno if I got the balls to do
  4. _Fivestar


    Lads I’m going Barcelona on 28th with mrs can someone give me the lowdown
  5. Can’t lie I thought exact same
  6. Important otherwise the Cut Colour Clarity are just words from his mouth
  7. Mero is hilarious ? grimeboyz
  8. _Fivestar


    I buss up at the line money march us in to great times
  9. _Fivestar

    Work & Life

    It's for a financial services firm its basically debt rehabilitation in a nut shell
  10. _Fivestar

    Work & Life

    Who currently or in the past has done field based work. Is it a big change going from an office based role to a field role? Im about to make that jump
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