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  1. i knew a guy whos dad or uncle owned a scaffolding company, they were minted. /csb
  2. paris one was miles better than the new york one.
  3. i wish i was his friend.
  4. the scene in the lift is especially. its as much romantic and endearing as its gory. love it
  5. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wendi-Deng-Fan-Club/230318013675276 haha
  6. someone tried to pie rupert, literally. wendi stepped in.
  7. wendi gave the asian mum slap there.... all elbow, no wrist. wife of the year. james wanted none of it lololol
  8. never listened to him properly until i got section.80 1st time i played it, i repeated the whole album the whole day. so so so good. even pharell cosigns...
  9. bay_u


    lovebox was niceeeee..... vice stage got shut down when flying lotus was playing, niggaz rushed the door and some girl got trampled on apparantly. but then flylo joined busy p and mehdi for the last set at ed banger stage. killed it. albeit only for like half hour. sebastiAn was so sick aswell. security wernt ramping neither. caught a bit of p money, didnt dissapoint. nothing to really complain about and to top it all of i got in for free so
  10. £10 for old blue last is a major bump, considering most of the time its free.... sold out though so boy.... i wish i was that big of a fan to pay that much but im not. still might try a ting though.
  11. as soooooon as i saw the hand on the handle i knew what was guna happen. but stil
  12. didnt someone do that and got fined £1000 for trespassing? does this count? lol (got caught it some protest for pollution, since he did that everyone else followed haha)
  13. bay_u


    wouldnt you just love to drop kick that c*nt at work that you never liked if you won?
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