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  1. Horatio Caine

    Sweets and deserts/cakes etc

    Im not even lying to you.....the raspberry crumble is the one,its hard to find though if you do see it anywhere,pick 1 up and you will see
  2. Horatio Caine

    Sweets and deserts/cakes etc

    you man need to try these ...no joke!!!!!
  3. Horatio Caine

    Sitcoms dem/comedies

    one on one - duane
  4. Horatio Caine


    that gucci jacket is hard doe.... dapper dan n ting
  5. Horatio Caine

    Nile Ranger

    mentally,he just cant evolve , you cant "nanny" them types
  6. Horatio Caine

    President Donald Trump Thread

    what artist hasn't 😐 that "giving back to the community " is "level 1" type of shit.... other than the superman bullshit,kanye made some good points,ADHD etc
  7. Horatio Caine

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    so you feel sorry for one but hate the other ...... I say Fuck em both.
  8. Horatio Caine

    Official Twitter Thread

  9. Horatio Caine

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    I cba to read too much of the story too depressing but was he DJing at the party and played the "wrong" song?.... Anyway sad shit all round R.I.P
  10. Horatio Caine

    The Watch thread

    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/stab-him-stab-him-shout-of-moped-gang-who-knifed-financier-for-75k-watch-a3935911.html “Fed up”: Dr Rachid Mekhalfia handed over his silver Patek Philippe watch after being attacked with a machete ( NIGEL HOWARD © ) A wealthy financier was stabbed by machete-wielding moped thugs who snatched his £75,000 Swiss watch. Dr Rachid Mekhalfia, 46, was set upon by three men as he stood beside his Range Rover while it was being inspected by a mechanic in Kilburn. The father-of-four grappled with his attackers as one shouted “stab him, stab him” before he was knifed in the knee with a machete. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads Fearing for his life, he handed over the silver Patek Philippe timepiece and the robbers sped from the scene on a moped. Today Dr Mekhalfia, who runs his own wealth management firm, offered a £5,000 reward for information about the attackers after becoming frustrated with the progress of the police investigation. He told the Standard: “I am traumatised by all of this. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking I could have been killed. I won’t open my car window now when I’m stopped, and I always panic whenever I see a moped. “I knew I had to give the watch up. I’ve got a wife and four children, it was not worth losing my life over. Everything was happening so fast, I just knew I had to survive.” The stolen silver Patek watch Dr Mekhalfia, who lives in Knightsbridge, had taken his Range Rover for repairs a day before a family holiday when he was attacked in Palmerston Road at 7.15pm on August 22. In the struggle the mechanic, who believed the gang were trying to steal the car, threw Dr Mekhalfia’s keys in the bushes, leaving him unable to escape. Dr Mekhalfia claims that when police arrived, residents who had witnessed the incident refused to give evidence. His attackers are described as black and aged 18 to 25. The watch is silver with a blue dial and has a new strap link and a scratch on the glass. In January moped thugs armed with hammers and a gun attacked his £200,000 Bentley in a bid to steal the same watch as he waited in traffic, but he managed to drive off. Of the reward, he said: “I want to make a difference. We must bring these thugs to justice. These people do not care who they target, they will do it to anyone, and I am fed up with it. There are not enough police around and these people are getting away with it.”
  11. Horatio Caine

    New Season Kits

    some of u man need to get with the times....lol // jordan logo replacing the eiffel tower (on the clothing )makes too much sense
  12. Horatio Caine

    What clothes are we feeling?

    lol I hear you, Im waitin for it to touch sale price but it did sell out recently ,only just restocked 4 days ago
  13. Horatio Caine

    What clothes are we feeling?

    http://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-suede-bomber-jacket-in-tan/prd/8251858?affid=14173&channelref=product search&mk=abc&currencyid=1&ppcadref=761030380|39786590083|aud-108719242581:pla-387433993602&_cclid=v3_8cdb7cf9-654d-5c6f-9154-4aec2696220f&gclid=CjwKCAjwgYPZBRBoEiwA2XeupfYwVRqgzLnizKGa7UupU2ThQ1wrZ66CmyUI4uVAzQAbavkmIf-djRoCuekQAvD_BwE
  14. Horatio Caine


  15. Horatio Caine

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    he is 37,no point in changing now.... but I will say this,IF giggs is somehow involved, I dont wanna hear him talk about " these youts need to calm down n stop the violence" like I heard a few months ago give the man a beating, fair enough,but stabbing him is OTT