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    You want anything, you just ask for it, old sport....

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  1. Horatio Caine

    uk-rap Skrapz

    nice! I remember back in the day when he sent for skepta good times!
  2. Horatio Caine


    Tribez always getting violated
  3. Horatio Caine

    Is this John Doe ?

    Snippet soubds hard Cant wait
  4. Horatio Caine

    Is this John Doe ?

    release da tune!
  5. Horatio Caine

    Are any of you not wearing a Poppy?

    haven't worn one since primary school,even then I just bought it because it was the " cool" thing to do
  6. Horatio Caine

    The Video Thread part 2

  7. Horatio Caine

    uk-rap Nines

    revive that thread where I said £R would be dead in a year and nines will push on st marys high school snm😎
  8. Horatio Caine

    live Harry " 'arry" Redknapp v Gary Neville

    how can gary talk about being spineless what about England"golden generation" that included him and his cronies
  9. Horatio Caine

    Sweets and deserts/cakes etc

    Im not even lying to you.....the raspberry crumble is the one,its hard to find though if you do see it anywhere,pick 1 up and you will see
  10. Horatio Caine

    Sweets and deserts/cakes etc

    you man need to try these ...no joke!!!!!
  11. Horatio Caine

    Sitcoms dem/comedies

    one on one - duane
  12. Horatio Caine


    that gucci jacket is hard doe.... dapper dan n ting
  13. Horatio Caine

    Nile Ranger

    mentally,he just cant evolve , you cant "nanny" them types
  14. Horatio Caine

    President Donald Trump Thread

    what artist hasn't 😐 that "giving back to the community " is "level 1" type of shit.... other than the superman bullshit,kanye made some good points,ADHD etc
  15. Horatio Caine

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    so you feel sorry for one but hate the other ...... I say Fuck em both.