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    You want anything, you just ask for it, old sport....

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  1. Horatio Caine


    why are niggas driving with the front number plate sitting behind the windshield new flex?
  2. Horatio Caine

    uk-rap Nines

    He was like 17/18 n if you are the real African “child” u was like 27 at the time.....( dog years not included)
  3. Horatio Caine

    uk-rap Nines

    yeah he got chased down in his porsche
  4. Horatio Caine

    uk-rap Nines

    AJ'd out on a bummy day.... its always him and one or 2 guys/girls,needs to move more deep
  5. Horatio Caine

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    9s got stabbed :( AJ got rocked :( jee'zu! goodnight
  6. Horatio Caine

    London borough of hackney

    or its just niggas being niggas😇
  7. Horatio Caine

    Welcome back

    joke ting
  8. Horatio Caine

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    Ahhh the 221....back then I had no need to go further than north finchley
  9. Horatio Caine

    NFL Player Marries White Woman

    and I should have no problem with my own kind calling me that? every1 says "nigga",it basically means " man"...thank black people
  10. Horatio Caine

    NFL Player Marries White Woman

    LOL fellow blacks and the term "nigga" let it go man
  11. Horatio Caine

    uk-rap Skrapz

    nice! I remember back in the day when he sent for skepta good times!
  12. Horatio Caine


    Tribez always getting violated
  13. Horatio Caine

    Is this John Doe ?

    Snippet soubds hard Cant wait
  14. Horatio Caine

    Is this John Doe ?

    release da tune!
  15. Horatio Caine

    Are any of you not wearing a Poppy?

    haven't worn one since primary school,even then I just bought it because it was the " cool" thing to do