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  1. You're lying, stop it.
  2. Trus uk land of uncle toms/
  3. Nines and crew nearly had them doing 30, so all guns out tbh, and not like Zino was an angel(rip).
  4. Nines is the most obvious road artist to sign since Mark Morrison, the guy had more than 8 different videos on Sbtv with over a million views, he had millions of views on his first fire in the booth, had a video on his own channel with 8 million views, freestyle videos with millions of views, he was quite obviously the biggest road rapper around with a cult and near mainstream following, and even easier work than signing 67 because its one person as opposed to a group.
  5. Laughable, Nines was getting 9m views on his own platform before he even signed.
  6. Anyone could do Carolines job, lets be honest.
  7. Nothing to do with that mate, did hate originate with slavery or something, i don't get it? Seems like an emotion that man has had since the beginning of time.
  8. # Bummy
  9. Thizz is too funny lol
  10. Black God
  11. Again
  12. can do better
  13. They will go platinum when they release the rest of singles off this album.
  14. Near perfect