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  1. Skrapz

    Do your research bro, wouldn't say things if i didn't know for a fact!! Everyone was writing Grime or doing grime or Garage from 01-04, everyone....
  2. Giggs - Wamp 2 Dem midnight

    Never its annoying.
  3. Giggs - Wamp 2 Dem midnight

    Hes regressed big time, every verse has man or nigga in, and he be starting most lines and rhyme schemes the same, if it wasn't for it being Giggs who holds mythical status in rap probably because of these late country kids and hipsters who caught on late, but its really not that deep, mixtape is average and lesser rated rappers have dropped better releases in the uk this year.
  4. Instagram

    How you know.
  5. Fekky

    Heard good things will check it out.
  6. Instagram

    Body looks fake sometimes, but shes nice..
  7. Dot Rotten vs P Money

    What he say?
  8. Jay Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail

    Come on my guy, most people don't know about rap and music and just follow, 'Name a rapper i ain't influenced' still rings true, Jay throughout his career has always followed Nas moves, Nas made untitled back in 2008, and released that Khaled track talking about black wealth last year, Jay is just following his moves at the right time(good time to be conscious) and will reap more of the benefits, simple as, still applaud the new direction though, 'cause tis trendy to be the next conscious mc'
  9. 150 + 674 Thread

    You're lying, stop it.
  10. Girls too black for DSTRKT / Fridge too black for Brixton

    Trus uk land of uncle toms/
  11. C Biz Back on Road

    Nines and crew nearly had them doing 30, so all guns out tbh, and not like Zino was an angel(rip).
  12. A complete list of plants

    Nines is the most obvious road artist to sign since Mark Morrison, the guy had more than 8 different videos on Sbtv with over a million views, he had millions of views on his first fire in the booth, had a video on his own channel with 8 million views, freestyle videos with millions of views, he was quite obviously the biggest road rapper around with a cult and near mainstream following, and even easier work than signing 67 because its one person as opposed to a group.
  13. Nines

    Laughable, Nines was getting 9m views on his own platform before he even signed.
  14. A complete list of plants

    Anyone could do Carolines job, lets be honest.
  15. Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Nothing to do with that mate, did hate originate with slavery or something, i don't get it? Seems like an emotion that man has had since the beginning of time.