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  1. I'm going to try my best to pay it, but how much would be tickets? You telling me i need to shell out like 3 grand just to possibly make it?
  2. It was always Femi and Olus in south east London/Hackney and Kwame and Kwekus in Tottenham and Wood Green etc, basically real one is talking rubbish the only time you could blame black community violence on predominantly people of Carribean heritage was the 70's and early 80's, with the Yardies and grandchildren of the wind rush generation.
  3. There was a guy called Sparks in the 90's, Nigerian and probably the biggest road man in London.
  4. What's you're saying is keep Jhus loski and Kojo and Headie one because they re musically inclined compared to the average drill rapper.
  5. If you're going to ban drill then ban rap, because all theee big Us artists u listen to talk about killing the promotion of heavy usage of drugs and trapping, even the ones who sing, the glossy beats doesn't make the content any different, JD contradicted himself by saying keep he Afro Swing, the same ones which say "catch a pagan and bore him" how's that different from drill cause he drops it on an African inspired beat?
  6. What's happening? Gang war? That was worse in the times of Jungle Garage and then Grime, what's happening?
  7. But everyone here listens to Giggs so I really don't know what their on about. You k so what's demonic Tupac saying "my 44 make sure your kids don't grow".
  8. Every black music has been demonised, who cares about negative rep, the genera originated from that same negativity.
  9. It's kinda nonsense just blaming drill when Kojo or Jhus be singing about catching pagans and boring them, ur because it's well disguised musically people won't criticise it, the content is still the same though.
  10. Drill is a reason, ur same way murders were occurring to Garage, more than now in fact
  11. You have to ban Drake also then, I mean have you heard his latest tune look alive?
  12. England is worst than America, you have to have at least half white in you to have a proper buzz doing rnb, Mabel Raye Jorja Smith and they're even pushing this taya girl now, England doesn't accept Rnb and soul from a truly black woman a lot of the times, America is the same to some degree but still much much better, probably due to black peoples influence and the history of the country over there.
  13. Don't get it
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